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Welcome to another Wordless or NOT so wordless Wednesday… Happier times… Our Family of 8 Please feel free to stop by the main giveaway linky, with over $1K in prizes! Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to link up, I visited over 125 blogs last week 😉  

What is PTSD? This is MY Family’s story…

What is PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)?
What has it done to MY Family?

PTSD, or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,
is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical or sexual assault in adult or childhood. Most survivors of trauma return to normal given a little time. However, some people will have stress reactions that do not go away on their own, or may even get worse over time. These individuals may develop PTSD. People who suffer from PTSD often relive the experience through nightmares and flashbacks, have difficulty sleeping, and feel detached or estranged, and these symptoms can be severe enough and last long enough to significantly impair the person’s daily life.
(piece from a full article at PTSD.ne.gov)

What is PTSD to me and to my Family?
PTSD is mean, it’s evil, it’s the thing that stole my husband, it’s the monster that took my Children’s Father away.
No, he’s not dead (thankfully), but he’s not here.
He hasn’t been here for years.

My husband was in the Navy for 14 years and has been in more than 6 Deployments, in those he did a few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On his last tour, Afghanistan was supposed to have him for 8 months; but he never gave him back to us.

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WW: Police NOT following the rules w/LINKY

Welcome to my Wordless or NOT so Wordless Wednesday! Okay, so I was hoping that it would be more wordless than anything, but I believe that this picture deserves an explanation, lol. This past Friday, we not only attended our first ever Town parade, but the kids and I were invited to walk in the …

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Wordless Wednesday… My Daughter is a Teen!

Welcome to Wordless (or NOT so wordless) Wednesday, I have missed visiting and being visited ;)… Her 13th Birthday!!!!  Out of 6 kids, I was given 2 girls, and although the majority of their lives they have been a bit “un-girly”, for her 13th Birthday, my NEW Teenager wanted to dress like a girl for …

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Hanging out w/The #Globetrotters ww w/Linky

This past Sunday my Family was invited to the Globetrotter’s “You write the rules” World Tour Preview game. The first ever game in the NEW Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY!     Packed house sees Globetrotters’ first-ever game in Brooklyn; team plays in pink uniforms with pink basketballs to promote breast cancer awareness The iconic …

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