When your coping skill is running away, like mine; there isn’t much else to say…

My recent absence is suddenly explained.

I have been gone since October of last year from the blogging world, and basically the social media world altogether.   It started with sad news of a Family member passing away, then Family problems, friend’s cancer scare, friend’s cancer downfall, cancer hitting even closer to home when it hit Uncle; Hurricane Sandy here in Long Island, NY, all of this along with the everyday piles of kids, homework, finances (or lack there of), stress, an ever growing load of laundry, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis (and the NY weather making it worst).

I suddenly felt overwhelmed.  Needed to separate from the world of “take, take, take” and just klonopin online consultation focus on giving my “give, give, give” solely to my kids.  I didn’t even have it in me to come by and do an “I’ll be back!” post, it just seemed that if I even did that, I could come back for one more post, and another, and so on.

I have missed it a lot, I have missed YOU a lot!  I have missed my friends online, my blogging buddies, my income (which made things so much better!).

I have so much to talk about, so many things happened while I was gone, memories, changes, and plans!
What’s new with you?!?!
How were your Holidays?!?!
Goals, plans, resolutions, or things already accomplished for 2013?!?!

Tell me! We have SO much to catch up on 😉