Welcome to Wordless (or NOT so wordless) Wednesday,

I have missed visiting and being visited ;)…

My Wordless Wednesday for today are moments of our first real winter storm since living in NY.
If you watched the news, Suffolk County in Long Island was hit extremely hard, leaving card stranded in the highways for days, trains stopped, and people literally trapped home, with no plows in sight for days!

I had hundreds of sad and scary pictures, but I chose to show the nice ones ;)… enjoy!

my neighbor’s yard, BEAUTIFUL VIEW!
the kids were rolling each other down the icy road (kids were inside the ball 😉 )
look at the beautiful icecycles!


I was cooling my Pepsi, outside of my window, while the neighborhood dug itself out
our Scottie LOVES the snow!
do you see our minivan buried & trapped next to our house?
we measured 24″ inches of snow!
Do you have wordless or NOT so wordless moments?
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