About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey



About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey

About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey: Adventures of a Military Family of 8

I am the Author behind Adventures of a Military Family of 8, this is my chance to show you everything About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey…

My name is Lily, and I am the person behind the Blog,


About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey
the reporter for our little Family.


About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey
I started blogging privately in 2007 for my sanity’s sake as I was a stay at home Mom of 6, while my Husband was Deployed (5 times total).


About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey

In 2009 I decided to make it a public and informational blog, as well as a full time adventure tracker for my Family and I.

We have all shared our lives, our good and bad with our Readers and have enjoyed the amazing friendships that have blossomed because of it.


About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey

We have gotten to go on some amazing trips,


(attending several Disney events)About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey

attended fun events, been on t.v.


About Me, Our Blog, Our Journey
tried awesome products, shared some of our most painful as well and the most joyous moments in our lives.


We shared about our Family leaving the US Navy after 15 years, our move from California to New York while driving, our house fire-car accident-house break-inOur complete run of bad luck, our attempt at rebuilding our lives, my Son’s Autism adventures, as well as my Husband’s journey with PTSD here, here.  We have also shared amazing recipes we have created, DIY’s we have made, posts about coping with Autism, Blogging Basics, and so much more.

We have worked with some amazing Companies like:

Disney, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, and Minute Maid herePurina, Dreft, Gerber Baby Cereal,, Splish Splash, Wisdomantics, Nioxin, Graco Baby, Pampers, Herdez, Old Spice, Honey Bunches of Oats, HP, MyPrintly, Chick-fil-A, Coppertone, Verizon, Honda, Claritin, and so many more!

I have been a Brand Ambassador for many amazing companies like:

CSN,  Claritin,  Coppertone,  Infantino,  Purex,  UPS,  Best Buy,  Smart & Final,  Chick-fil-A,  HP,  Verizon

Our Journey is not over, and we can not wait to share the future that awaits our Family,

and the amazing adventures we have yet to begin…


To contact me, you may email [email protected]
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