Welcome to my Wordless or NOT so Wordless Wednesday!

Okay, so I was hoping that it would be more wordless than anything, but I believe that this picture deserves an explanation, lol.

Police not following the rules...
Police not following the rules…

This past Friday, we not only attended our first ever Town parade, but the kids and I were invited to walk in the Parade,
along with the Youth Enrichment Program group, it was a blast!
(I will post those pics hopefully this week πŸ˜‰ )

The parade was literally down the block from our house, so we walked home.Β  We played for a while in the front yard, because it was what i believe to be the only sunny day this year, lol.Β  After being out there for a while, the pain from my body (R.A & Fibro) was getting to be unbearable, so I went inside and let the kids play for a bit longer.Β  One of the kids came and told me that a Police Officer parked in front of our house.Β  I told him it was probably for the many drunk people that were about to walk by from the parade, to come inside.Β  About half an hour later, another Police car parks across the street, by this time I’m watching the kids from the front door; a few minutes later a tow truck pulls up.
YES!Β  Someone called to tow the Police car, if you pay close attention, by the back of the officer’s car; there is a sign.Β  The sign says “No Parking Anytime” and let me tell you, the neighbor across the street who owns that white truck you see in the background…
Is one mean machine!
He literally comes outside and always screams and curses at anyone who parks there, I understand that it is hard to park such a big vehicle, but he takes it to the extreme.Β  Anywho…. the kids later told me that the Officer told them that the Man across the street called and ordered them to tow the car because he broke the rules…
so they did.

I swear they were so mesmerized by the whole thing,
they somehow decided to be well behaved and sat patiently for
the whole 35 minutes it took for the tow, lol.

What do you think of the situation?
Would you call a tow truck on a Police Officer?

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