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If you have been following me lately, you have read about what has been happening in my personal life lately, and it has been no field trip at all ๐Ÿ˜‰
So this Friday I was having a bad day, I was in physical pain from the Fibro and R.A., I had been dealing with kids being sick in the two week period; to top it off my 13 y.o Daughter sprained her neck during baskeball practice and was on “forced rest”…
I was feeling it big time.
I thought for a few minutes what a bad Mom I would be if I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a much needed break…
keep in mind that it was 9:30 p.m.
I decided that the kids and I NEEDED a break, right then and there!

So I told them to grab coats and out we went (C.E.C. closes at 11p.m).ย  They each had $3 to spend on their tokens, and I knew that Chucky does his Chucky shuffle at 10:00 p.m, and last one at 10:30p.m.ย  As we got there the shuffle was being announced and Ant (7 y.o) asks:
“Mommy, do you want us to go dance so you can join?”
Me: “yes hunny, I would love it!”
So my two boys (7 & 9 y.o) went to follow Chucky.
As soon as the boys started laughing and getting in line, I forgot about ALL of my problems!
For the rest of the night that we were there, I felt so refueled by watching the kids enjoy themselves.
It’s amazing to see and feel what a child’s laughter does to your soul!
Here’s a small video of them doing the Cupid Chucky Shuffle ๐Ÿ˜‰
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