Having kids can take it out of you! With all the responsibilities a parent has these days, it may be hard for you to find the time or money to go to the gym. And your kids? They are much more into technology these days which may keep them from being outdoors and getting the exercise they need as well. If you’re looking for ways to exercise with your kids and get everyone healthier, check out these tips!


Exercise with Kids

Get moving with your kids so you are all feeling better and getting the exercise you need!

Exercise-Based T.V. Programs: There are a lot of exercise-based t.v. programs popping up! If you have pre-school aged kids, one favorite among that age group is Bo on the Go! Bo is an energetic young girl who goes on missions with her dragon friend. Each episode features different animal moves that kids can help her perform to get through that level and when her energy runs low, you have to run in place to help recharge it! Programs like this are available on Netflix, Youtube, and other sites.
Gaming Systems: The gaming industry has taken notice of the need to stay fit in this day and age and have created ways that gaming systems can help with that. For example, Wii has a whole fit system available with different games that go through different exercise techniques. Most of their games require a lot of movement anyway, considering that the controllers are nunchuks and the user has to move to play the games!
Invest in a Trampoline: If you have space and resources, invest in a trampoline. A large trampoline would get the entire family involved! Jumping seems pretty effortless, but it really works out a large group of muscles that may otherwise go unused in your daily lives. If you don’t have the room or money for a large one, try getting a small one that you could easily set up in the living room. They even have ones with a grip bar to reduce the risk of falling off.
Create an Obstacle Course: Kids loved to be challenged. What better way than to create an obstacle course? If you have space outdoors, you can collect junk that has lost it’s purpose like wooden beams, old mattresses, tires or anything of that sort and use them to set up a kid-friendly obstacle course in your yard! Want to keep it indoors? Laundry baskets, chairs, blankets and many other objects can be transformed into a grand over, under and through obstacle course.
Have a Family Fit Night: Family game nights are great ways to spend time together as a family. Why not add another day for a family fit night? Put ideas on pieces of paper or use Popsicle sticks and every fit night, after dinner, pull an idea out and everyone participates! Bicycling, roller skating/blading, a game of basketball or even a few rounds of tag. The options are limitless!
Clean Up the Yard: Grab a rake, shovel or even a trowel and get your kids to help clean up the yard. Gardening is no small task and is a good exercise idea for kids and adults who don’t mind being outdoors.
Exercise Scavenger Hunt: Organize an exercise scavenger hunt for you and your kids! This is something you can do inside or outside and all over your neighborhood. Hide clues at each station along with an exercise each person has to do before moving on. For example: “do 5 jumping jacks” and “the next clue is at ___”. Finish the hunt off with a healthy treat!
Good Ol’ Fashioned Workout: Don’t rule out a good ol’ fashioned workout! Encourage your kids to plop down on the floor with you and have them mimic you while you work out. Kids love to learn and won’t be able to hold themselves back from attempting sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks and other exercises you want to try. Kids are designed to want to move and goodness knows they have the energy to do so!

There is never a lack of how to exercise when it comes to kids! The issue usually lies with the parents trying to find the time, energy or creativity. Well, we’ve given you a great creative list of ideas so if you can find the time and a little energy, you can exercise with your kids!