Thankful for the Memories Giveaway: Canon EOS Rebel T3i kit

Welcome to our November Giveaway: Thankful for the Memories Giveaway: Canon EOS Rebel T3i kit.
I am so excited to be able to share this great event with you, it is perfect for the for everyone, from an amateur to a pro.  This giveaway is for the complete kit which is valued at over $700, you will not need to buy any additional items at all…
Our Sponsors and I thought you’d like that!

Thankful for the memories Giveaway!
New Dates: Nov. 1- Nov. 25!

Thankful for the Memories Giveaway: Canon EOS Rebel T3i kit ARV $700+
Thankful for the Memories Giveaway: Canon EOS Rebel T3i kit ARV $700+

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, we are off to a great Holiday beginning with this giveaway, it truly is the stuff of Holiday Magic!

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Adventures of a Military Family of 8

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Prize: Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera
and all of the Thanksgiving Day trimmings!!!
ARV $700+

(Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with EF-S xanax online store 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Zoom Lens &
EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens + 11pc Bundle 16GB Deluxe Accessory Kit

Dates: November 1-25, 2014

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additional prize details:

  • This Kit includes 14 items all with USA Warranty and manufacturer’s supplied accessories
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging – EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II SLR Zoom Lens –
    Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens
  • 16 Gigabyte SDHC Secure Digital Memory Card – Focus Secure Digital USB Card Reader – Focus Universal Memory Card Wallet –
    Focus Pack of LCD Screen Protectors
  • Additional LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Replacement Battery Pack – Focus Well Protective SLR Camera Gadget Bag with Pockets & Strap
  • Focus Full Size 59″ Tripod W/Case – Focus DVD Guide to Digital SLR Cameras – Focus 5pc Dlx Lens Care & Cleaning Kit –
    HDMI cable for HDTV connection – Focus TV Flashlight Remote – BONUS!! Free 25 Quality Prints

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If you loved our October Giveaway, and November’s Giveaway; you definitely want to stay tuned for our December Giveaway Event…
thanks to our sponsors; it will be a truly magical Holiday for some of our readers!

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1,169 thoughts on “Thankful for the Memories Giveaway: Canon EOS Rebel T3i kit”

  1. I use my camera on my cell phone. My other camera is broken because my nieces dropped it. Linda Bradshaw , teachinmomma123abc at yahoo dot com.

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  3. At the moment I don’t use a camera because I gave my mom the camera I had with the film and batteries too.

  4. I don’t have a camera other than my phone right now, I’ve been wanting to get the canon camera for the longest time!

  5. The camera that I have now is one that my wife handed down to me because it took crappy pics. My son gave it to her for her birthday or something. He paid $10 or something for it. She made a big deal out of it because it was from him. I’d really love to have a good camera. LOL

  6. Currently I use my camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5. I have such bad luck with real cameras. I need a new one. jandeplus3 (at)

  7. Usually my cell phone, but we do have a digital that I use at my kids sporting events. Nothing fancy though

  8. I have a Canon T3 with stock lens but would love love love the T3i to help make my YouTube videos easier.. Then I could giveaway my T3 🙂

  9. Hello, I have a Canon T2i and love it but my son has it most of the time and I was thinking we needed another.

  10. I use my cellphone for most of my photos. I have an older point and shoot Canon that I bought in 2002. I have started taking photos for my blog, and I sell the photos at my craft store. I would love to have a nice camera for my new endeavors.

  11. I’m only using point in shot camera, it’s Panasonic LX5 I want to enhance my photography because photography is my passion, hoping to win it.

  12. Usually my phone, but I want something special to take pictures and capture memories of my new grandson – my first grandchild! He is 2 months old.

  13. I used to have a little point and shoot digital camera but I’ve been using my cell phone lately. I would love to have a real camera to take better photos of my kids (5 year old twins and one more on the way!).

  14. My current camera is the one on my phone, cant seem to put it in the budget to get a real one with toddler twins and baby number 3 due this Feb.

  15. I don’t have a camera, my flip-phone does not have one either. I ask my neighbor to borrow his iPhone very quickly to take a shot of something and email it to myself. I have been wanting a real camera for a long time. I was interested in taking a local photography class, but they required a nice camera like the one above to enroll.

  16. I use my iPhone 5s camera but I would love a camera with professional quality! My girls are 2 and 5 so there are so many memories to capture!

  17. My camera just broke a couple weeks ago, and I would love to be able to win this so I can take pictures of my daughter through the holidays.

  18. I use some cheap polaroid quick cam thing that I didn’t even know what its called. My kids keep breaking my good cameras!!

  19. I have a little Fuji that I got years ago. It is a digital, but not a very good one. And I don’t own a smartphone, so no pictures with that. It would be nice to have this camera, it looks like a nice one! I really want to take more pictures of my Mom and my kids. My Dad passed away last October and I really wish I had more photos of him during happier times.

  20. I would take pictures of everything! My kids and grandkids and my dog and the beautiful fall foliage and the snow when it falls.

  21. I currently use the camera on my cell phone, but the blogger I do ghost writing for is sending me a camera. I would love to pay that forward!

  22. Just the one on my phone, but I don’t use it often because my eyesight has gotten bad and the viewscreen is not big enough. I would really like to get back to taking pictures.

  23. currently I use an Olympus Digital Camera (T30 in particular)… I use it for blogging purposes but as much as I want to get a clear and wonderful shots, I always failed so this camera would be a great gift for Christmas for me ^_^

  24. Waterproof XP. I only like the fact that it’s waterproof and comes with a light that can be set to stay on when recording or taking pictures. And that it comes with a charger and battery that charges. I drain batteries too fast. Both charger ones and non charger ones. It’s light is similar to mini flash light. But the sound fails on it. The video and picture quality isn’t that good either.

  25. Currently, we don’t have a camera! We had a house fire a few months ago and haven’t replaced the one we lost, yet. We typically will just use our cell phones to take any pictures right now.

  26. I don’t use one but my brother loves taking pictures and this would be the perfect Christmas gift!

  27. Currently using a beat up Kodak easyshare 14mp, our daughter borrowed our Nikon about a year ago and seems to have forgotten to bring it home. I know she is taking excellent care of it though.

  28. i only use my phone the basic phone to be exact..
    it’s depressing, i have 2 wonderful kids and yet i barely have pictures with them.. i’d love to win this *crossing fingers*

  29. I currently use my cell phone. I use to have a great manual camera back in the days it was a Russian model, from the 70s I believe and I got it from mom, you could make amazing shots with it. It broke and cannot be repaired, sadly, and I really miss it.. I’d love to have a new camera because I prefer cameras over cell phone-cameras. 🙂

  30. Hello, I use Olympus SP-510 UZ and Samsung ST150F. As you can guess it’s not possible to make excellent photos using such equipment.

  31. The only camera I use is my cell phone. I would love to win this because I travel 300 days a year and see alot of cool things.

  32. Canon EOS 5D Mark 1 , getting a bit old now. When it doesnt work my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 or my camera on my blackberry. Not much of a backup. haha

  33. I use a Canon Powershot right now. It’s nothing fancy at all…but I am thankful to have it! This camera you are giving away looks awesome though!!!

  34. I use my iPhone for photos right now.. My camera broke as well and I haven’t been able to replace it yet.. this would be so great to win this camera!! Cool giveaway!! Cheryl Williams [email protected]

  35. I have a small old point and shoot that I hate. Before everything went digital i had two SLR cameras with all the extras. Not been able to afford to replace them!

  36. I don’t even have a cell with a camera! I’d love to be able to take pics of my kids while they are still young.

  37. I would try to get a really good photo of all my grandchildren (ages 23 – sixteen months) and children all together for once!!

  38. I have a Canon powershot but honestly I use my phone because it takes better quality/more convenient pics. The Canon t3i has been my dream camera for over a year and I haven’t been able to afford it or justify spending that much on myself. I would LOVE TO WIN. Thank you for the chance!

    Oh, and if you need a Kitchenaid Mixer, I’m giving one away on my blog 😉

  39. I use the camera on my iPhone and nothing else! I would love to have a “real” camera like this one with all the bell and whistles to take photos of my children! It would be awesome to capture them growing up!

  40. I use the camera on my cell phone also. I had to leave the camera I had at a house in which I lived with someone and I had to leave quickly.

  41. I only have a Fuji digital camera, it’s o.k., and then of course my phone which is extremely outdated. Would be great to win this amazing piece and be able to take wicked photos.

  42. I am just using a camera on my mobile phone. I haven’t bought any brand of camera because of mu financial status so I really hope to win.

  43. I use a canon 60D but need a second camera so I am not always changing lenses when I am taking photos. I am also starting to do reviews on vintage lenses and need a camera to record video while I am using the other to take photos.

  44. I would love to win! My current camera is fujifilm but is at least seven years old and about at the end of its life lol. Thanks for the chance!

  45. I don’t have any camera, I use my android phone to take photos for my blog so it would awesome to win this!

  46. I do not have a camera that works and i have so many pics on my phone that i need to get a new card.

  47. I have a Canon Coolpix – upgraded last year from a basic Kodak point and shoot. Would love to upgrade to a Rebel!!!

  48. I use the camera on my cell phone. It takes better pictures than my really old digital camera. I would love a nice camera, I take photos all the time 🙂

  49. I use my cell phone camera as well. My in laws have always been the “camera people” at our gatherings… I think the last camera I owned was lost almost ten years ago now….

  50. I use a Fujifilm FinePix S9400W Digital, but it has seen it’s better days. I would LOVE a new camera, especially one with all the trimmings like this one has.Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  51. I use my cell phone (which is almost 4 years old) when my husband is home and a VERY old canon powershot A560 when he isnt home…I am in desperate need of an upgrade

  52. OMG I would love to win this giveaway as my sister wants a Canon DSLR camera for Christmas!!! We’ve been searching high and low for a great deal 🙂
    I have a Rebel T3 and looove it. I also use my iPhone a lot though!

  53. Was injured at work, so now I sit here day in day out. To win this awesome camera would give me a fresh start.

  54. I have a Nikon D80, which I absolutely love. It’s getting a little worn down though! Before that, I had a Canon and I loved it too. I honestly haven’t met a camera I didn’t like at least a little bit, I’m just not very good with them!

  55. I am currently using my iphone camera. My handy dandy Panasonic Lumix stopped working properly a few weeks ago. 🙁

  56. My wife used to have a canon and had to sell it. She misses it greatly! Now she just has her camera on her phone. She takes all the time about wanting another canon. This would be perfect!

  57. I have a Samsung digital camera that I usually forget to charge and end up using my phone for most of my pictures..

  58. I have an older camera that doesn’t have enough pixels to take great pictures and I would like better pictures to use on my blog. I also am interested in using some of my photos as art on my walls so I want to be able to enlarge it without it losing its clarity.

  59. I used to use either my cell phone or my cannon elph powershot but my cell is full (hello photo obsessed- I really need to spend some time deleting some but it’s so hard to go through them all!) and then on Halloween I tried to self timer a few photos on my little cannon and it fell and broke (the lens wont go back in and it just keeps saying lens error! So sad!) So I could def use a new camera!!

  60. I have a blue Fuji Finepix XP70 that’s waterproof & shockproof but does not take very good pictures. Maybe it’s just me. lol

  61. I currently use my cellphone as well. Would love to take better pictures of my family during the Holidays!

  62. I just use my cell phone camera for the most part, but my dad is a photographer and I’d love to have an slr so we can go take pictures together.

  63. I have a Minolta 7000i film camera. I haven’t yet been able to upgrade to the digital world. This camera would mean a whole lot to me, in that regard.

  64. I use the only camera I have.a Kodak easy share! If I won this I could take some “very Hot Pics” of our Lava Breakout here on the big Island in Pahoa! Madame Pele is very photogenic right now!!

  65. Unfortunately, I have to use my phone. We used to have a crummy digital camera, but, as it was crummy, it bit the dust years ago. I am sort of drooling over this one, though!

  66. hello,

    I have a newborn baby and an older son who I will love to capture beautiful moments using this amazing camera! I mostly use my phone for pics but many shots are worth printing and the quality on the phone is not great for printing. I want to be able to print my memories and show them as they get older. thanks for the opportunity!

  67. I use my mobile camera because i dnt have anyother camera thats y my big wish to win canon with u 🙂 thanks for arranging such a nyc giveawaya for us 🙂

  68. I use an old camera that I got as a free gift from a catalog,Fingerhut i believe that uses 110 film,well not surprising I can’t find film for it anymore but it sure takes good pictures.

  69. I used to have a Nikon till losing it a few months back, so lately just been using my phone to take pictures. I would use it to take memories of thanksgiving and Christmas. We would love to win this because it would cheer our family up after losing our sweet boston terrier a few weeks ago from seizures and old age. He was my kids best friend since they were toddlers ages 3 and 4 years old, now they are 9 and 10 years old.

  70. I use a Canon Rebel XS. It is so old that they don’t even make that model anymore. It doesn’t work at nighttime and it has issues focusing now. I would CRY IN HAPPINESS if i won this new camera. I desperately need one! I know that mine is going to die very soon!

  71. I had a Canon before until my ex sold it for drugs. I in fall season take pictures of trees.or sun sets. I was crashed, pictures (art) my true passion, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my camera.

  72. I normally use the camera on my iPhone 6, but currently I’m out of space and haven’t been able to take pics of my little ones for about 3 months now. It’s ridiculous, they’re 1 and 3 and change a lot in 3 months!

  73. I have a Canon coolpix, but I can’t find the charger for the battery, so just a cell phone camera! 🙁

  74. Ive sold both my Nikon and my Canon to help make ends meet, so now I just have my Iphone. I would be more than thankful to have a camera again!

  75. I currently use my camera phone since my little one dropped our “real” camera. I would love to use this to teach my soon to be 6 year old photography – she has been asking to learn!

  76. I use the camera on my Samsung phone because the lens of our digital camera (Canon Elph I think??) is dirty right in the center of the lens so all the pictures come out with a black spot blurring out the middle of the picture! :/

  77. I currently use a Kodak digital camera. It’s about 8 years old and I use my smartphone more often because of that.

  78. I’m a photographer without a camera. It’s a sad thing. I’ve been trying to save up to buy a Canon DSLR but it’s not easy with Christmas around the corner. The only thing I have right now is the camera on my phone but it doesn’t work too well.

  79. I would take pictures of my family especially my grandchildren. I use my cell phone right now. We gave had a lot if my close family members pass on and we wish we had taken more pictures when they were here with us. Life is too short and too wonderful not to record so we can remember.

  80. I used really old model of HP digital camera, but now its fully charged battery lasts like 10 minutes so I use my cell phone camera (Sony Xperia L).

  81. I only have a Kodak point and shoot camera. Doesn’t take good pictures and I want to get the eagles at the lake! They fly all around and catch fish, it would be great to get good shots of them catching and flying!!!

  82. Samsung Galaxie phone but it would be nice to win this and give it as a gift to my daughter so she can take great pictures of her new son…:)

  83. I was using a Canon Rebel xt until about 3 months ago when it decided I had used it one too many times and gave up the ghost. It was a fabulous camera. I used the heck out of it to record so many moments! Really need a new one before I miss all the memories

  84. I’ve got a few year old Canon Powershot but have been wanting to get a DSLR to get better pictures. I really like this one! 🙂

  85. I have a Nikon dslr, have wanted to switch to a Canon for a few years now. Usually i just end up taking pics on my cell phone because I always have it with me no matter what. I’d love to get back into higher quality photos though.

  86. I currently am using a Canon Rebel T1i, which while it is a DSLR it is definitly alredy behind the times! This camera would be perfect because I can still use the same lenses.


  87. i used my phone which is really not great . I had a lot of problems with my phone sometimes my pictures came out blurry or it did not work so please i want to win this and i will use it for importants things and take good care of it

  88. I love taking pictures in the mountains while hiking, so I’d use this camera for this as well 😉 Thanks for the chance! 😉

  89. I use a Sony digital camera! It works for now but i would really love a nice camera to take photos of family and friends!

  90. A cheap $99 Fuji, which works fine but the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired. Have been lusting after a new, better camera…this is it!! Good luck to me!! LOL

  91. I do not own a camera as my canon broke and was not worth getting it fixed but cannot afford a new one as my kids come first

  92. I use a Canon PowerShot. I would gift the new one to my daughter. She is a beginning photographer and would love to have the Canon Rebel. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  93. I have an old Pentax SLR that I use when I am feeling artsy. Most of the time I just use the camera on my smartphone.

  94. One of my daughters gave me her old camera when she bough a new one. It’s a Sony Cyber-shot that I actually bought for her before her first trip to Japan. It’s okay, but I work in animal rescue and could really use a better camera for taking photos of dogs and cats in need. A good photo of an adoptable animal can actually really help get it adopted.

  95. RE: OMG, I don’t have any camera or smart phone. I use my crappy basic flip phone. Wow, canon-eos-rebel-t3i is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the Amazon gc canon-eos-rebel-t3i to work and eat again

  96. I use my older canon (xti i think) to take pictures of God’s creatures great and small also family and friend gatherings

  97. This one, actually. I like that it’s a bit smaller than the newer Canon Rebel bodies, as it fits my hands better. But I have multiple daughters who LOVE to take pictures, so I wouldn’t mind a backup for when something inevitably gets dropped. :/

  98. I use my iphone as a camera now because it seems to take better pics than any of the cameras I have. I have a small Canon Elph with a great zoom that I use if I need to zoom in but for the most part my iphone is all I use. I would love to try a dslr and learn how to use!

  99. Sadly, I use the one on my phone. It does an okay job to capture the moment, although, I haven’t printed any photos from it as I am sure the quality would be below par.

  100. The camera I currently use is the old one on my iphone 3. I would buy a new camera, but i can’t really afford it.

  101. Fujifilm, Finepix Z. It was a gift from my husband a few years ago as I was missing my manual SLR. I still miss it, so really looking at making the jump to digital SLR. Amazing prize pack!

  102. I currently use my daughter’s camera,I think it is called a cool pix?I would love to have a good camera especially now because I have grands and I would love to be able to photograph them.

  103. I use my old $10 camera if I replaced the batteries after 3 photos. I badly need a new one but not in my budget.

  104. I have a camera that I bought from Staples for $60. I thought it was pretty good but again, it wasn’t too clear in pictures as I wanted to be. Thank you for the giveaway.

  105. I definitely need an upgrade, I have a tiny little Canon ELPH! It’s purple and I love it, but it’s so antiquated. I’m worried it’s just going to fall apart one day lol!

  106. I’m currently just using the camera on my phone! I would LOVE to have a nice one to use. Thanks for the chance!

  107. Even though my parents constantly struggle putting me through high school, I’d like to be able to repay them for being pillars of support all my life, by pursuing a career in photography and cinematics.

  108. I’m embarrassed to say, but it’s a Vivitar F128. I’ve gone through 3 really nice cameras and the zoom keeps breaking and it costs just as much to fix the zoom as to replace the camera, so I bought this over the summer to take pictures, but it’s disappointing. I just need to find one good camera or win one here!

  109. I have an old Sony digital small pocket camera. I do not have a smart phone like most people do to take photos with. Would love to win this and have a really good camera. Thanks for the chance

  110. I’m using an old Canon automatic that is so slow to take pictures, that along with my cell phone which takes much better pictures.

  111. I use my Nikon D3100 but i want the Canon EOS Rebel T31 SO badly! It would take my photography to the next level!

  112. I use a Nikon right now, but I have owned it for a couple of years I need an upgrade for quality reasons

  113. I’m a non-professional photographer and I would die to win a prize like yours!!!! I could closeup every little creatures and make stunning pictures of the wildlife in Canada!!! 🙂 Thank you for this amazing contest!!

  114. I have a small, old, point-and-shoot Canon Camera. It’s digital, and it’s a nice little camera, but I have wanted a Canon DSLR for years and years! I love Canon. They are the only brand of camera I buy.

  115. I would so love to win this I love taking pictures I have a Cannon ELPH but would love something more HI-TECH. Please Please Please.

  116. i dont have a camera. my best friend lost the one i got for my bday like 3 years ago. think that was a olympus digital camera.

  117. I have an Olympus point and shoot that I was given in 2007. I usually use my cell phone because it takes better pictures.

  118. Since my husband dropped my camera out of a tree stand, I either borrow my father’s nikon but it’s usually my cell phone 🙁

  119. I, too, am only using my phone’s camera, since my last digital camera gave up the ghost! I owuld love to learn to take really good digital photos!

  120. I have a Canon EOS Rebel 35mm as well as a Canon Powershot A460. The Rebel is great, but i’d love the digital version.

  121. I used to have a fantastic Pentax SLR. I had to sell it to pay rent while going for 16 months without a income waiting for Social Security Disability approval. I have not been able to replace it. I doubt I will ever be able to afford another, so I very much hope to win one!

  122. I currently use my daughter’s old iPod! Would love to win this for my daughter who is taking a photography class next semester in college! This would be so great!

  123. I use a FinePix S 5200 by Fuji. We got it used online, so I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but it defaults to 2005 whenever I take the batteries out to recharge them. I would LOVE a camera that works just right and can handle the kinds of pics I want to take. 🙂

  124. I am currently using my phone. My husband has a Nikon D3100. I still have my film Canon AE 1 which I got when I turned 16. Still takes a good shot!

  125. I use my phone but my man loves photography and has been trying to get me to love it to so I am giving it a lot more thought lately.

  126. I currently use a Canon Powershot camera but it’s nothing fancy and doesn’t take the best quality pictures. I need a better camera with zoom so I can capture good quality, high resolution photos for my blog

  127. Recently I have been diagnosed with a serious illness. I haven’t shared the details with my family. I’m trying to put things together as memories for my children. Right now I only have my camera phone. This would be perfect.

  128. I have to use my tablet’s camera, my real camera have broken in my last trip to Germany, last July.

  129. I am currently using my Samsung Galaxy S-Advance for taking photos whenever, wherever though I do not like the color when I take pictures. Everything becomes plain and bland.

  130. I use my cell phone camera to take pictures of everything. I’m expecting my first child and with my husband in the military we don’t live near either of our families. Getting a new GOOD camera would be perfect for our growing family!

  131. Like most people here, I’m using my iphone camera at the moment. That’s why I’m entering to hopefully win a better camera 🙂

  132. I am new into photography, and I would be forever grateful if I could have this as an early Christmas gift. Thank you.

  133. Hi! I hope I’ll be street photographer and movie maker. I want to do with it my inspiring awesome videos. Thanks for this.

  134. A Sony that is a hand-me-down from our daughter, who has an awesome camera in her phone so doesn’t need this one.

  135. My current camera is a little $80 digital it does take pictures LOL -I can say that 😉 my daughter does competitive gymnastics and it does not take pictures of that 😉 wish it did!

  136. I had a Nikon but sadly it broke already after 1yr, so now I use my iphone camera for everything. But winning this camera would be my Dream Come True!!! I want to go back to school now that my kids are in school during the day so I can become a photographer and you Need to have a good camera in order to take the class.

  137. I currently have this camera but would love to have the one you’re giving away for my daughter. She would really love to have one but doens’t have the money.

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  139. I use an Olympus E-PL1. It takes wonderful pictures, but is just so slow! This one would be a great improvement!

  140. I use a Fujifilm finepix but the battery seems to be kinking out (2nd battery replacement ) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  141. Canon Power Shot that’s 10+ Years old and have to tap on it to get it to work. I usually lose the great shot before it decides to work.

  142. I use the camera on my smart phone which is handy for uploads and quick snaps but limited for family, panoramic or quality shots for longevity

  143. Right now I use a Kodak Easy Share. It takes OK photos and is easy to download them to my computer. However, it eats batteries and I can’t focus it (it’s auto focus only). I used a Canon AE-1 with an L series lens in the old film days, so I miss having control. ha

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  146. My current camera has a dying battery and it will cost $80 to get a new one! That’s outrageous! Better to put money into a new camera

  147. Current camera is Canon J1 and this first version is so-so, but compact entry level non-professional DSLR. But mostly use Galaxy S5 camera and video

  148. Well I just use my phone now. My wife would love to have a camera like this, though. This would be the perfect Christmas present for her.

  149. Nikon. Just the easy, point and shoot. But I love playing around with the settings and stuff, so would really love this kit to have a camera I can really play with 😉

  150. The camera we have right now is a Nikon other than that I do not know my husband will not let me touch it lol

  151. Canon digital, I think I bought in 2004… LCD has some lines through it, from dropping and maybe condensation but it still talks great pictures! Though battery doesn’t last too long these days.

  152. Yeah my current camera right now is my phone. Pathetic, i know, especially since my father has every single Leica under the sun. It’s embarrassing when all you have is your phone. And i have NEVER taken one single selfie.Ever! And I never will because there are way more things in the universe to photograph. I’m not as interesting as an eclipse or the aftermath in our town after a tornado ripped it apart. I would love to have a nice, good camera. I would put it to very good use.

  153. Until now I’ve always had a Canon.
    Right now I have a Nikon Coolpix L100 that the shutter release button fell off of, and an Olympus VR-350 that needs a new rechargeable battery.
    I would LOOOOOOVE to own a Canon EOS Rebel!

  154. Have a Canon EOS 20D and an old Pentax MX. Wish there was a conversion kit for the Mx to go digital (great light camera). Canon 20D is very heavy (not fun to lug around and very rough on a bad wrist) and not as intuitive to use as my old MX

  155. i use the camera on my phone – i used to have a camera but it was either stolen out of my car or i REALLY lost it!