so many things went wrong, then good, then BAD, then good, LOL.

this morning will went to work at 8am, he’s still on duty. he was supposed to come home before noon, so me and josh could go see my mom and my lil brother. he came home a little before noon. i go to check my email to make shure the time was still 1pm, and there is an email from my other lil bro, telling me to be there at 9am.

i called him to make shure, and tell him he had told me noon, and he hung up cause he was asleep.
so needless to say, my mom was very upset because we stood her and my brother up, my brother was upset and sad. german told me they had ordered 3 large pizzas because i was supposed to take the kids with me. i felt soooo sad.

so i told will to lay down, and he said he was going back to work, because the only reason he came was so i can go see my mom. so after bugging, he laid down, and i fell asleep again, while he was watching football. then about an hour later, he woke me up to tell me he was leaving, and he needed gas money.
yes, and that’s where it started. the day before i had given him 20 for gas. he drove to work and back, and work and back, so since the gas always lasts more than 2 trips to work, i didn’t want to give him more money, and that’s where it turned ugly. he lashed out like it was something horrible, i kept offering him 10 dollars, wich would be enough, i wanted to filll up on monday, because i figured it would be lower. so he went on a rage fit, called me names, and sped out of the driveway.

a few months ago, when we had sat down to talk about options, and decided we would give it another go, we came up with a kind-a contract between us, and a chore chart. his only chores came out to be, dishes, toilet bowl, and trash everyday, oh, and putting the folded laundry away where it goes, oh and the backyard. everything else i voluntarily took on for myself. ever since then, i had been doing everything. i did over 18 hampers of laundry, generic clomid reviews because i was clearing out boxes for yard sale, and everything i said i would do. he has complained everytime he has to do the dishes, he complains everytime i ask him to put the laundry away, he hasn’t done the yard yet. it’s just been a continuos battle for the chores, and after the little fit he threw over 10 dllrs, it made me start to rethink my decision. why again am i the one working on things, when it’s him who has to work on things from his mistakes?
i don’t want to quit, but i go into thinking mode sometimes.

mom and dad came down last night, will and his dad were supposed to go out and do their monthly father son date, while mom and the kids and me hung out in their hotel room, just to get out of the house. while will and dad were deciding what to do, kiera quickly pulled out the chutes and ladders game, and got gramma while she was sitting, lol.

but all the movies that were playing were rated r, and since dad won’t watch anything rated r, mom and dad just decided to take us out to denny’s.

not to mention that it was great to have a dinner out and not have to pay, but it was even more special because mom and dad were with us. we don’t get to see mom and dad as often as we all want, mainly it’s because of the money situation, gas is crazy. kiera says it makes the visits more special.

we came home, mom and dad left from denny’s, the kids went to bed, and will joshua, me, and anthony all decided to rematch will on the monopoly game. lol, josh and me decided it would catch will offguard and “unconcentrated” if we just sprung him on it. MAN!!!! he beat us again!!!!!!!!!! like we were run away children, lol. josh was out of the game, and me, well after the 2nd time i had to pay him 15 million, and i only had 30,000, i decided it was game over, lol.

after that, we decided to watch “war” with jet li. it started with all 4 of us watching…..
he said “chuck e cheese!!”

it ended with just josh and me, lol. will was the first one to pass out, lol.