so today my “mom” took all the kids with her and great gramma to the hotel to spend the night, Will and I were all excited and said we were going to go out tonight.

we talked about where we could go, i thought we could go out for my “late” birthday night, so i was extra excited.

Mom took the kids around 6pm and Will suggested we go out to a movie, it wasnt the thing i was excited about so i made a “face” 🙁 lol,
he loves going to movies so he was not happy i didnt jump up and say “yayy” lol. i suggested we go to dave & busters, or miniature golfing, batting cages, go karts like we were going to do on our last night out (but it rained so we couldnt do anything, lol)

so this is how our night went………

so around 2am, I decided i was going to treat myself since the night seemed to be over,

this is what was left from mom visiting……..

so i made myself a bowl of ice cream and magic shell syrup and read blogs and watched t.v, lol

i guess this is when i realized we are finally 100% full time exahusted parents, lol, when your date night turns into a coma…