Ok, so how many of you know what Lowe’s is?

A home building supply store right?

Did you know that on selected saturdays they have FREE building activities for kids?

This saturday they are doing a coin bank activity.  I believe it’s too late to sign up online, but call your local Lowes and if there is room, you can show up.

Every saturday the first 50 kids (i have never seen more than 15 at a time) get a free kids apron,  goggles and tools.

Just go to their website
click here and sign up.  
It’s that easy, I signed up my kids, and since daddy has to work all day tomorrow, I figured we would have a fun day out.  I have another place I was asked to go review so I will take advantage that they are close to each other; I will post about it later 😉

Next event they have is for January 23, 2010 the project will be a Tic Tac Toe box

I just signed up my kids for that as well.

I hope you take advantage of this fun activity.

I recieved no compensation, I was asked to blog about it and review the program, in exchange for them tolerating my kids during the event 😉