Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

I think everyone experiences a time in their life where we go through a hair loss stage, especially for women. Obviously no one wants to lose their hair and there are things you can do to prevent this from happening! I’m about to be 43 next month and while I have been loosing hair for a long time, these last couple of months have been brutal. I am beginning to see my hairline recede and not only has it been a significant change in my hairstyle, but also in my self-esteem. I’ve searched through the internet and asked Family for tips and tricks to help me with this issue. I have gathered enough Tips for Preventing Hair Loss and not only am I trying them, but also wanted to share them with you.

Tips for Preventing Hair Loss


As you can see from the picture, my kids have the same type of hair and I want to prevent future hair loss in them of course.
Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Here are a few things you can do for your hair that will help you to not only have beautiful, flowing locks but also prevent you from losing that beautiful hair! Beginning November 1st, I will do these things regularly and hopefully we will see a difference together!

Tips for Preventing Hair Loss


Your diet not only affects your body health, but it actually strongly affects your hair health as well. Be conscious of what you are putting into your body, keep a nice balanced healthy diet and your hair will be healthy and this will help to prevent your hair loss! Veggies and green juices are great for your body health as well as your hair health.
One thing I NEVER do is drink water and I while know how bad that is for my overall health, it’s something I hate doing. Beginning tomorrow, I will make sure to drink at least the minimum recommended amount of water and track it to see my progress.


Give yourself a mini head massage every day for at least 10 minutes, this helps to stimulate the blood cells in your scalp and not only prevents hair loss but also promotes new hair growth. If you can get lucky, you can get your spouse or child to massage your scalp for you and it will feel even better!
I am definitely lucky because the kids love to do my hair.
Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

-Deep Conditioner Treatments:

A big part of hair loss is your whole hair being healthy! So be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment about once a week to make sure your hair is in tip top shape! Doing too much conditioning can also be bad for your hair, so be sure to just do it once a week and that’s all!
My kids love to condition and brush out my hair, so I supposed I am spoiled; they say they want to help me keep my hair as long as possible.
Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

-Castor Oil or Olive Oil:

Castor Oil is said to promote hair growth, so a great way to use this is to take the pure castor oil and massage it into your scalp, allow it to sit in there for about 15 mins and then wash out. I was told to use Olive Oil as well as it has the same benefits. I will be using Olive oil for my treatments.

-Refrain from Chemicals:

Chemicals such as hair color and bleach are terrible for your hair! They make your hair brittle, and weak resulting in hair loss! Try to refrain from using these super often, if you color your hair every once in a while you should be fine but try not to color a whole lot! There are color conditioning creams that will help give your hair added vitamins while it’s being treated.

-Refrain from Heat:

Heat is another thing that needs to be used in moderation for your hair. Try to prevent using a ton of heat on your hair, this will cause your hair to be dry and brittle as well. I never use a blow dryer or hair straightener, but having my hair in buns and ponytails seems to have cause damage as well.
Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Hair loss is never a fun thing to deal with, so I promise taking care of your body and the health of your hair is worth it! Take care of your hair now, and you won’t have to worry about hair loss later on!
I will definitely update in a few months and show you the difference. Here are a few pictures I took of my hairline today:
Tips for Preventing Hair Loss Tips for Preventing Hair Loss Tips for Preventing Hair Loss
I know that loosing hair is such a hard thing to come across, more so if you are a Woman because we are taught that our hair is our glory; at least in our culture it is. I hope that these tips help you and I hope that they help me. I will be very happy in actively doing something to help myself as self-care is so often forgotten. If you have any tips to help with thinning and or hair loss, please let us know in the comments, I will take all of the help I can get 😉
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Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Tips for Preventing Hair Loss
Tips for Preventing Hair Loss


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