What is a ‘Planner Addict’ and Should I Stay Away if I Find One?

Planner Addict Series- Militaryfamof8 What is a Planner Addict and Should I Stay Away if I Find One

What is a ‘Planner Addict’ and Should I Stay Away if I Find One? My first answer is to the second question: NO! If you encounter a Planner Addict in the wild, it’s safe to approach them, us; and say hello. Embrace us, we are a super fun and loving bunch… most of us *snort*  Now, to answer the first question, a Planner Addict is a term of endearment for a group of People who love to plan. From paper planners to digital planners, we love them all. Some of us use stickers and washi tape to decorate our layouts and some prefer coloring, pens, and or stamps. Whichever style or planner, a planner addict is always excited to share about our planners.

Around two years ago I accidentally found a picture of a planner on Instagram and fell in love with it, it had pretty stickers, washi tape, and gorgeous handwriting. I searched for more planner beauties and found that it was much more than just planners; it was a community. As I have been actively following many planners (the people, not the books), I have found groups on Facebook as well. Groups with thousands of members and groups with just a few hundred; who all share the same addiction: Planning.


Is Being a Planner Addict a Bad Thing?

It depends, you will acquire many stickers, washi tape, supplies; more importantly: Friends! In Person, I have always been extremely shy and avoided many events because of my anxiety, but ever since I found the group NYC Planner Addicts on Facebook; I found a Family I can be comfortable with.

I have attended many events with them, made great friendships, and have amazing things for the future planned. You do not need to be in NYC to join the group, you just need to have a like for planning 😉
In October I am attending their biggest event to date, the Planner Masquerade Ball. A 10 hour 2 story event that will include everything from meals to amazing guest speakers and workshops. I’m so excited to know that many friends will be traveling to NYC for this event!


I belong to many planner groups, some are product specific like my favorite planner and supply company: Paper House Productions (use code: PH18LILY for 15% off!) and some are gender specific like the fun group Planners Gone Wild. I will definitely put together a post with the links to the many groups I am in, so you can see which one is the perfect fit for you!



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How Much Does it Cost to be a Planner Addict?

That is the magic question! There are all types of budgets for planning, there are frugal planners who make amazing planners out of printer paper and there are planners who buy sticker kits and use washi tape on every page; it all depends on your taste and habits 😉 I have a sticker and washi tape addiction collection and I will be sure to share with you on another post!


Where do I have to go to become a Planner Addict?

The beauty about this question is the answer: anywhere and everywhere 😉
We all have different places, people, or pets we can plan with; from coffee shops to libraries to our couches! You can plan by yourself or during a planner meet-up, and there are also planner conferences that you can attend! I can not express enough how fun this world is once you become a part of it!



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What type of planning can I do?

The beauty of this is that you can plan/ journal about everything! There are planners and TN journals (Bujo: Bullet Journals) for everything you can imagine:

  • Budget
  • Work
  • Travel
  • Social Media
  • Meal Planning
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Memory Keeping and so much more!


How Can I Find Planners Right Now?

I couldn’t wait for this section! There are SO MANY planners (the people and the books) that I want to show off! I will definitely make a separate post with many more accounts and pictures soon, but for now, you can enjoy these beauties below:
@NYCPlannerAddicts,   @cathyscreations821,    @saharplans,   @lifebeautynmore,   @artistry__plansxo,   @ultraviolet_fox,   @_hense_,   @Bklynplanner,   @plannerdollz,   @wildforplanners

Do you plan or journal? What is your style? Do you want to share your pictures or accounts with us for future posts? Leave us a comment, let us know how you plan!


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What is a ‘Planner Addict’ and Should I Stay Away if I Find One?