Tuesday, July 25, 2006

well, it’s been a while since i wrote in here, no surprises there, lol.
it’s been so hot, 113 a few days ago, i can’t stand it, and the kids are just as miserable.

will got a dog a few days ago, we were only supposed to look at the puppy and let the guy know if we wanted her or not, they told me on the phone it was a puppy, and when he showed up, she was humoungous, she’s a 8 month old rottweiler. while i was talking to will that i couldn’t keep her, the guy took off. needless to say we kept her. soon to change my opinion on that. she is too heavy for me to control, and she is very stubborn. she is too rough with the kids, because of the fact that she is just a puppy and very active, she doesn’t know her ow strength. she already knocked me to the floor. wel…. i told will we have to find her a new home.

well today the girls are not here, they left yesterday to their grandmas house, so it’s just me and the boys, surprisingly the house is extremely quiet, i guess cause he doesn’t have anyone to chase and scream at, lol.