Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 14th, 2006
Lily’s 4th Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was Lily’s Birthday, she was so exited. She woke up and came downstairs and had this huge smile on her face, when I asker her what she was smiling for, she said “cause it’s my birthday mommy”, it was so cute. Kiera, Papa, and me sang her Happy Birthday.
Will got home and she walked all giddy to him, and she waited until he told her happy birthday, she was too cute, I guess she’s finally old enough to realize it’s HER special day.
We all went and bought her and baby Anthony a small birthday cake, then we stopped to buy some church’s chicken and went to my mom’s house. We sang them both happy birthday, since we never bought baby Anthony his little cake cause we didn’t have any money for his birthday. Like always, I took pictures, and my mom got Lily and Kiera a Little Mermaid Doll.
The kids all had a good time, like always, then we watched “the pacifier” and went home.
We talked about the things my mom is going to buy tomorrow for Lily’s birthday party at Gramma’s house, she is so exited.
Thanks Mom !!!