A wine & cheese party with a twist…

Although I have been a mom for almost 18 years, I am still not used to having my plans changed.   I mean c’mon, with 6 kids, and a Husband who has been deployed as many times as we have kids, you would think I would be used to being flexible right?

nah, that would be too easy!

In that sense, I planned a nice evening for a few of our Adult friends with a Wine & Cheese party, I did my shopping at Smart & Final.  I may be missing sleep, but not common sense 😉
I shop at Smart & Final a few times a week, the prices are very low, there is no membership dues, and they accept coupons!!!

So off we went to shop for our fun evening…

First thing’s first right!?!?
We shopped for an entire Army, wine, cheese, snacks, food & snacks for the kids, and party supplies as well.
I was so excited, we spent way under $100!!!

Now, back to not being used to having my schedule messed with, guess what happened the morning of our Wine & cheese party?
My 8yo Daughter broke her hand during school, not a hairline fracture, we’re talking about her wrist, broken 🙁

Let’s say that she had the giggles from the pain meds 😉

SO, after being all day in the hospital, she didn’t want to go home and go to bed, she asked if I could please not cancel the wine & cheese party, so we turned it into a “get well” get together for her 😉

We made another quick trip to Smart & Final, after all, Mommy was going to need some extra wine after this 😉
We bought shredded cheese and more supplies and we made homemade pizzas!

though it wasn’t the day I had planned, it was nice to be able to relax at home after such a terrible ordeal, eat some good food, and enjoy some “happy drinks” 😉

We were able to do both shops for around $100!!!!
Is that awesome or what?!?!
So c’mon, do the Smart thing;
Shop at Smart & Final!
If you want to see our entire trip check out my Whrrl story
More check-ins at smart & final
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All opinions and suggestions are my own ideas, no other children were harmed in the planning of this party, said 8yo will be sporting a flashy bedazzled pink cast on Wednesday, thank you CB for sponsoring our shop.

5 thoughts on “A wine & cheese party with a twist…”

  1. I have always wanted to attend a wine and cheese party, but your idea to change it to a get well dinner for your daughter’s broken arm was just amazing. you are a devoted mother !

  2. sorry about your Daughter.
    She is a natural smiler I see.
    You did an awesome job with your post, I saw the link on Twitter. I just love the way you did the whrrl story.

  3. Hi Lily,
    I came by from Twitter, I just love your blog. Your writing style is fun and captivating, and your children are absolutely adorable. The way you changed a grown up wine & cheese party to make your Daughter feel better is just amazing. The prices at Smart & Final are really good as well, and I appreciate you showing the world, I know that most often than not, the bigger stores get the spotlight.
    Great job Lily!

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