On Friday my Family was invited to attend the Premier of a SUPER FUN new 
4D movie at Legoland California,
“The Adventures of Clutch Powers” in 4D 😉

Opened March 20, 2010

When there’s a job to be done, or an adventure to be had, you can bet that Clutch Powers will be there! Follow Clutch and his team in this edge of your seat 4-D action-packed show!

 The kids LOVED the cool looking glasses, lol
The Adventures of Clutch Powers in 4D at Legoland California
was released to the Public on March 20, 2010. 
You don’t know who Clutch Powers is? GASP!!!! and you call yourself a Lego fan ;).
The movie was awesome it had action, comedy, action, suspense, action, drama and umm…. oh yeah action.
All that in 4D.
My family and I had the greatest time.
I sat and watched my youngest son react to every 3D moment as if he was in the movie, I heard giggles as people heard him screaming and ducking from flying Legos. 
To be honest I caught myself reaching out a few times trying to catch falling Lego’s, it was so fun!! 
The effects were great; when the wind blew in the movie you felt it in the theater.  They even had snow falling!!! Yes I said snow…. I would recommend every child take their parents to see Clutch Powers and allow them to find the inner child in themselves.
It’s a fun filled experience for the whole family to enjoy.Have Fun and enjoy your 4D experience.
Our Family had a GREAT time, if you have never seen a 4D movie, picture a movie super “cooler” than 3D and it includes elements 😉  
Hearing my baby scream and giggle and moving out of the way of flying Lego’s was so much fun!!!
I highly recommend that you add Legoland California to your Spring Break or Summer Vacation!!!!  
Make sure that you catch the 4D movies while you’re there, I promise that you will Love it as much as we did 😉
If you do not have a Legoland near you, don’t be so sad!!! 
The Adventures of Clutch Powers is on sale now on DVD, of course it’s not 4D, but it’s better than NOT watching it at all!!! 😉
After the movie, we got to enjoy the Beautiful Legoland, Ca park, and I have to tell you that SOME grownups loved it more that SOME kids lol…
Thank you so much to Legoland California, and to Clutch Powers for giving us such a great time!!!!!