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Disney's Planes Fire & Rescue: Celebrating our Everyday Heroes #MiHeroeFavoritoIt’s no secret that we are a Military Family, the name of our blog alone says it all…
Adventuresof a Military Family of 8.
So, when I was offered the chance to write a post about OUR Hero: Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue: Celebrating our Everyday Heroes #MiHeroeFavorito; it is no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity.Seriously, writing about OUR own Hero, my Husband, who served over 15 years in the US Navy, who went on 5 Deployments, who spent a Christmas in Afghanistan during an 8 month deployment, who sacrificed SO much for us; it was a no brainer…
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Then last month our Family was stricken with 3 horrible tragedies in the span of four days, we literally lost ALL of our material possessions between October 7th and October 10th.

>You can read about it here<
A car accident that totaled our car, a break-in that cleaned out our home office and home store, and a house fire that took everything away from us.  Above all, we are SO grateful that we were ALL able to walk away safely; but it did hit us hard.
What does this have to do with heroes?
Not only am I SO grateful for the emergency crews at the scene of the car accident, the Officer that came after the break-in, and ALL of the Firemen and crews who tried so hard to save our house; but it also has helped me to see my children in a whole new light.

These kids have lived 16 years of their lives moving at the beck and call of the Military, 4 out of the 6 have been preemies born between 22-30 weeks,  giving up their roots, friends and worlds for us; on October in just one week; they lost EVERYTHING they have ever owned.  We were broken, THEY were broken, emotionally they were so broken.  I saw them cry like never before, I saw them hold me and tell me it was going to be okay while I was sobbing outside of our burning home, I see them smile everyday.
We have lived in a hotel room since the fire, cramped, without a car, toys, clothes, pictures.  They sleep in pull-out couches every night, they use blankets that the Red Cross gave us, I see them smile everyday.
They are making do, doing homework, giving up their friends once again as we are in a hotel 25 minutes away from where our house was.  They smile everyday.
THEY are MY everyday Heroes!     THEY are my Husband’s everyday Heroes!
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Every day I hear the word’s of my Gramma in my head “Gracias a Dios estan vivos Mija” meaning “Thank God you are all alive sweetie”. those words have echoed every day in my head and my heart, as I see them be so strong I cry inside with both pride and pain.  I am so proud of the Heroes I have created, I am so grateful that they are such strong little creatures, I am so glad that I have my own group of Super Heroes 😉

 As a treat for my kids, this weekend we are watching Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue movie, and because we can cook small things in the hotel; we will be making this yummy Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue: Butternut Squash Apple Bake (click on the link or picture to view or download the full recipe…)
butternut squash recipe
Have you seen Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue movie yet?
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 If so, what did your Family think of it?
Who is the everyday Hero in YOUR life?