Having a 529 college Savings Program is the Best Decision for our Kids

Last December I shared with you our exciting new journey into the world of college savings: “Why a 529 College Savings Plan is a Great Choice…” and I am happy to share a recap with you now.  I am so happy to have partnered with NY 529 Direct to not only learn, but also share with our readers what we learned. I learned that Having a 529 college Savings Program is the Best Decision for our Kids.


What is a 529 college savings plan?

It’s a type of investment account you can use for higher-education savings. 529 plans are usually sponsored by states.

As a Mom of 6 kids, College is something I always had present in my mind, but as the two older kids decided to not attend College, my Husband and I “had time” to save later. Or so we thought!
Fast forward to this School year, our 3rd child is now a High School Senior and completely immersed in College applications. I am happy to have been chosen to learn and work with the NY 529 Direct campaign because I was able to learn so much, especially after not even knowing where to begin as far as savings accounts.




Now, as far as saving for College, of course many Parents begin a lot sooner than the Senior year of High School, but this is our real life in front of you and I am being completely honest about it.

In February we opened a NY 529 Direct College savings account for our Daughter and we made her first deposit. It felt so good to make the 1st deposit into our Daughter’s College savings account.


Beneficiaries can attend college in any state, not just the state sponsoring the 529 plan.



Having a 529 College Savings Program is the Best Decision for our Kids

After publishing my post, we shared the link with our Family members and included her Ugift code. A Ugift code is your special account number for people to make deposits into your College savings account. You can also include this link in graduation invitations:

Share your Ugift code

Shequira’s account’s Ugift code is : R6D-84C

Send your family and friends the information they’ll need:

email facebook twitter

You can share your code any way you want — over the phone, in person, on social networks, party invitation inclusions, etc. The potential gift-giver will need a few instructions to make their gift contribution:

  1. Go to Ugift529.com.
  2. Enter the Ugift code: R6D-84C
  3. Enter the gift-giver’s name and gift amount
  4. Make the gift via electronic funds transfer or check
    For more information follow this link


As you can see, it’s perfect for emails as well as evites and social media channels. This has been the best learning experience for us all, and it helped teach us how to get a head start for the remaining 3 kids at home. I am so happy and proud to say that they each have their established College savings account!


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Find out how I learned that Having a 529 college Savings Program is the Best Decision for our Kids.


Have you opened a College saving’s plan for your children? At what age did you or will you start?
Do you have any tips for our first ever rodeo with a College child?



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