well, jessica called me this morning to tell me that
ben n jerry’s was giving free ice cream today.

since we met jessica and will, they have spent a lot of time with us and the kids. the kids are nuts about them, and her and will love the kids as well.

so we made plans to pick her and will up to go get ice cream.
we picked up my will, and headed downtown to ben n jerry’s for some ice cream.

when we got there the linse was long, but it went fast.
the kids all got their chpice of ice cream, and a news anchor from our local news station was one of the serveers, so the girls thought it was really cool.
we all had our ice cream and got to taste each others flavors, so we went back in line and got to have more ice cream. all donations were given to the san diego county humane society, so it was for a wonderful cause.

the kids and i finally got to leave the house after days of being stuck insede because of this heat and my depression.

after that, we dropped off jessica and will, and we headed home.