As you may know I am a Military Wife, but aside from participating in events for our Military, I have volunteered with the USO for years, as well as with many other organizations that ship packages to our Troops that are deployed.

Amongst the many events that the USO hosts for Military Families, the USO is also home away from home to many of our Military.  It’s a place where they can go and relax, watch t.v, take showers, use the internet, and have warm meals that they don’t otherwise get on a ship. 
I did a Thank You post a long time ago, just to give you an idea of what the USO has done for us:

Every year the USO has candy in the lobby for our Soldiers & Sailors and hands them out goodie bags.  They also host Holiday parties for kids of the Military Families. (every USO hosts different things in their cities).  This year, the USO asked me if I could please reach out to our public and ask for donations, the funds and usual donors are short this year. There will be a Halloween Carnival for which the candy is needed.

We are not asking for much, 1 bag of sealed candy from those that can help, if you are in San Diego, I can pick up next week.  All the candy needs to be at USO before Oct. 25th.  Even if you could donate $5 in a gift card, I would be more than happy to do the shops to turn it all in.  I will be volunteering as I do every year.  I will be more than happy to share the contact information with the Director if anyone wants to verify this 😉

I am sorry for asking, I know that times are tough, and I do understand if you can’t help 😉
Thank you all for listening,