Horneando con Hershey’s / Baking with Hershey’s

 Nothing beats spending some quality time in a kitchen, but for myself; I prefer baking over cooking.
The delicious smell, the sampling of treats, the giggles and the fact that you can sit and eat your treats for days later, and with kids around you get to relive some of the funny moments that happened while you baked that certain treat.
 I didn’t grow up in a traditional house,

then again what is traditional right? 😉
I don’t have memories of baking with mom or grandma, or recipes that they passed down to me, and that’s why I try to make sure I have those moments in my children’s lives that are vital in my opinion.  I google recipes, get them from books, make them, change them, re-invent them; it’s all part of the fun!

This time we had our cousins and friends over for a bake-a-thon, and we made delicious chocolate chip cookies, Hershey’s kisses cookies, a brownie type of cookie who’s name was too funny and adult themed to mention lol.  Most importantly we had a great time, sharing ideas, recipes, laughs; after all in my opinion THAT is the best part 😉
I don’t have anything perfected enough to want to pass down for generations to come, but I do have the love and laughter that it produces, and as long as you have that in your recipe, you have a recipe for deliciousness 😉
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I received a Hershey’s prize pack so I could enjoy and share my love of Hershey’s in my kitchen, what’s so awesome about that you ask?
scroll to the bottom of the post for instructions 😉

Now for my Spanish speaking friends 😉

No hay nada mejor que pasar algún tiempo en la cocina con seres queridos, claro que yo prefiero hornear algo sabroso en vez de cocinar ;).
El delicioso aroma, la toma de muestras de golosinas, risas y el hecho de que usted puede sentarse y comer sus golosinas dias despues con niños y revivir algunos de los momentos divertidos que pasaron mientras que horneaban juntos.

Yo no crecí en una casa tradicional, y al mismo tiempo que es tradicional verdad? 😉
No tengo recuerdos de hornear con mi mamá o mi abuelita, o recetas que pasaron a mí, y es por eso que trato de asegurarme de que tengo esos momentos en la vida de mis hijos que son vitales en mi opinión. Busco recetas en google, las obtengo de los libros, las cambio a mi gusto, y me encanta re-inventar recetas, todo es parte de la diversión!

Esta vez tuvimos nuestros primos y amigos a un horno-a-thon, y hemos hecho deliciosas galletas con chispas de chocolate, galletas de Hershey besos, un tipo brownie de galletas que el nombre era demasiado divertida y temática adulta mencionar lol. Lo más importante es que lo pasamos muy bien, el intercambio de ideas, recetas, se ríe, después de todo, en mi opinión esa es la mejor parte;)

¿Tiene algún recuerdo especial / eventos donde se involucran para hornear?

alguna receta especial que se transmite a usted?

¿Tiene recetas que ahora han dejado de lado a transmitir a sus hijos?

No tengo nada perfeccionado lo suficiente para querer pasar de generación en generación, pero tengo el amor y la alegría que produce, y siempre y cuando usted tiene eso en su receta, usted tiene una receta para delicia;)

Visita Cocinas Hershey’syechar un vistazo atodas lasdeliciosas golosinasque puede hacer.

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Dejame un comentario diciendo cuales son tus memorias mas ricas en la cosina.  Por cada comentario separado que me dejes, cuenta por una entrada mas para que puedas ganar.
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To enter, just leave me a comment telling me if you have any special memories/events where you involve baking?
Any special recipes that were passed down to you? if so, what are they like?
Do you have recipes that you now have set aside to pass down to your children?
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  1. I dont have memories of baking when I was a child but my sister and I are starting to bake with her 3 kids and my one grandson. For the past 3 years we have had a “baking day” around Halloween. We bake and decorate all sorts of treats and really have a great time!

  2. Some of my best memories of childhood were baking with my Austrian grandmother. She made the most amazing pastries, and I learned so much!
    kcoud33 at gmail dot com

  3. I actually did start a tradition with my children, every Christmas we bake cute gingerbread men & they love it.

  4. My mom wasn’t much of a cook so I never baked with her but my daughter and I used to bake a lot of cookies! I even ordered her a mini bake set from Land O Lakes years ago! It had a mini rolling pin, a mini cookie sheet and a mini rubber spatula. Perfect for little hands!

  5. I actually do have a couple of recipes that I will pass down to my daughter. I have a wonderful recipe for Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing that I will give her and my recipe for homemade mashed potatoes!

  6. I “like” Hershey’s facebook page as Kathy McPherson Boccard. I have really enjoyed chatting with you through this giveaway!

  7. I have a very specific memory of baking with my grandmother when I was a child. We were baking a cake and she was showing me how to take a spatula to “throw” the icing on to the top of cake however LOL, she missed the cake and it went all over the kitchen counter. It is a funny memory that I love of having of her cooking.

  8. I made christmas cookies with my mom every year . I now use the same recipes and make them with my daughters. I am sure that my daughters will make them with their kids some day. Thanks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  9. My mom always included me when she was baking or cooking. Around 8, I could bake my own batch of cookies. I still enjoy it still today.

    romapup at gmail dot com

  10. A special recipe my mother-in-law made was chicken and meatballs with rice. Boy, was that delicious!


  11. I live in Hershey and these are at every party i go to!! they will be there Sunday too..yum!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  12. when I was a child I used to make no bake cookies (chocolate ones with Hershey’s too boot) with my mom… they were quick and easy and lots of fun on a rainy or snowy day. I also remember making chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies right around the holidays. My daughter and I still have those recipes and we have a blast re-creating our own variations of them too!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  13. My favorite memories of baking were with my mother at Christmas time and we would make colorful sugar cookies together.

  14. My favorite memories are cakes that my grandma would make. Each year she would ask my siblings and I what we wanted our cakes to be. I can recall getting ones like strawberry shortcake or rainbow brite. Plus I loved to bake things with my grandma like cookies.
    [email protected]

  15. The biggest memory I have is all the times I baked with a grandma, she taught me so much about baking and the love I have for baking comes from her.
    heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

  16. Yeah, all my grandmas recipes go to my son. He’s the cook in the family.
    heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

  17. LIKE Adventures of a Military Family of 8 on FB [Geri Sandoval]
    heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

  18. my mom cooked the most Delicious beef lion. she marinated it in raspberry marinated over night with a little salt and pepper,garlic and onion powder than cook on the bbq grill just until the pink was gone.this all i know .

    [email protected]

  19. I remember my mom making skillet candy at Christmas..it has rice krispy cereal and dates and coconut. I have tried to make it and failed miserably. ha.

    Thanks for the chance to enter the hersheys giveaway!

    zucchinisummer at gmail dot com

  20. It would be making Christmas cookies with my mother, and now I make them with my own children.


  21. I don’t have any special memories involving baking other than me and my wife made a homemade pizza at my house on our second date.

  22. I have a recipe for dinner rolls that we always make that was given to me by my grandma. i could share it with you, but then I would have to …….

  23. Well, my mother was definitely not a baker… or a cook at all for that matter. I grew up on mac&cheese, hot dogs & whatever else was scrambled together. I don’t think I ever even knew what that thing called an *oven* was used for! No joking! However…. I LOVE to bake & I do it very frequently with my almost 3yr old son. I let him help me make cookies, muffins & specialty cakes, even if he’s just stirring it up after it’s done. It’s so special for me to be able to create these memories with him, in hopes that as he grows older, he will have fond memories of us cooking together. The kind that I *don’t* have with my mother 😉

  24. I have MANY special memories of baking both when I was a girl and now. One of my favorites is my Grandma (who I rarely saw) teaching my cousin and I how to make her special Cinnamon Bread and Nut Bread. I still have the recipes written down in my little girls handwriting just as she gave them to me.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    pennies.points.prizes at gmail dot com

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