Have you been thinking about loosing weight lately, but have lacked the motivation?
I am not going to lie, for years I have danced around and complained about my weight gains, but never was able to get myself motivated enough, well, thanks to Kroger Family of stores, and The Biggest Looser, we can ALL participate in the Pound for pound challenge and loose weight, while helping feed America!!!

You haven’t heard about the pound for pound challenge? Don’t worry, I will be more than happy to overflow your screen with all the details 😉
The pound for pound challenge is a program that was created to both motivate your weight loss and healthy lifestyle, but also to help end hunger in America. 
For every pound you pledge to loose before June 30, 2010, The pound for pound challenge will donate .14 cents to Feeding America; enough to deliver one pound of groceries to a food bank because of you 😉

These last few days I have been feeling very bad about my weight gain, being at the Nursing home with my Grampa for almost 2 months, everyday, has taken a toll on my body.  I sit all day and night with him, I drink soda all day long and eat once a day if that.  My only walking is going from the parking lot in the morning, and wheeling my Grampa to Therapy everyday.  So when I read about this pound for pound challenge, and reading that I can get tips and support towards my healthier lifestyle and weight loss, I will also be helping so many Americans by having .14 cents donated to Feeding America for every pound I pledge to loose.

So get it together, let’s do this, together we can all start today, start a healthier lifestyle, loose weight, create a lasting bond of support, and best of all: help end hunger in America!!!!

Will you join me???
I weighed myself last week, I am 153 pounds and for my height of 5’2″, the BMI calculator says I am overweight.  So, I have decided to pledge loosing 23 pounds, the awesome part is that there is no time limit to loose the weight, the only time limit is to pledge before June 30, 2010. 
Pledge with me!!!

As a Thank you, and an initiation to a healthier lifestyle, the Kroger Family of stores is giving one of my readers a $30 Dllr gift card.

Woo-Hoooo!!! right? 😉

Here’s how to participate:

Mandatory Entry: 1 Entry
Visit the Pound for Pound Challenge website and tell me how many pounds you have pledged to loose, and what Food bank you chose.
Optional and Additional Entries:
  1. Add @militaryfamof8 on Twitter 1 Entry
  2. Tweet about this challenge & giveaway with  link, feel free to cut and paste: 
    Win $30 participating in the Pound 4 Pound Challenge,I pledge 2 loose __ pnds while I help Feed America http://bit.ly/aVyS8a @militaryfamof8
         ((enter the amount of pounds you pledged in the blank before pnds))
    (1 entry per tweet, unlimited entries)
    make sure you keep @militaryfamof8 in the tweet so I can track it)
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Giveaway Ends 6-30-10 @ midnight PST, Open to US & Canada residents
Leave me a separate comment with url to your posts
, including twitter, for each of your entriesfor example if you posted on your blog, leave me 5 separate comments, makes sense? 

Winner will be chosen through Random.org, I will Post and E-mail the Winner.  Winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their information or I will choose a New Winner.  I received the information and gift cards from the Kroger Family of Stores and General Mills, information, through MyBlog