well needless to say, we were home all weekend.
with 6 y.o still having nose bleed issues, and husb having duty , it was the kids and me again at home.

sunday, i finally crashed, my migraines and depression got the best of me, it’s on my depression blog; so i dont type it twice.

monday and tuesday were no different from this whole week. i have been with the 6 y.o and his episodes, and alone with all of the kids while husb is at work.

hopefully tomorrow is better than this last week.

i am extremely anxious, 6 y.o has a doc appt at 9am, and i dont know what diagnosis they will have this time. the diagnosis dont change every time, there just seems to be a new one everytime.
how much can a 6 year old handle? even more so, how much can this mother handle?

on a brighter note, my 7 y.o has something amazing happening today (wednesday) in school…..
her WONDERFUL teacher is cooking a thanksgiving day lunch/dinner for the class.
amazing!! she is cooking 2 turkey’s and parents are pitching in side items.
7 y.o could not stop bragging about her daddy’s red garlic mashed potatoes, so she signed him up for that, lol.

my 6 y.o doc appt is at 9am so i hope so much i can make it back in time to be with her for this event. she is soo excited, and yes, i can finally have pictures up, lol.