To-Do Tuesday

 I figure, if I’m going to embarrass myself, i’ll do it big, lol.
One of the things I’m great at, is writing everything down that I need to do; from appt to chores, the thing is that I loose everything, lol, and if i have it in front of me, I accidentally ignore it, lol 

I  have tons of chores I have been “neglecting”, and over 100 e-mails I have not had time to answer yet, yes I did say 100 emails, when I logged into my ya.hoo a little while ago, it said I have 265 unread e-mails. :/
C’mon, give me a break, ALL of the kids have been home for over a month on vacation, and the hubs has been working til 1-2am every night the last week, so my time has been seriously sabotaged.  😉

So when this mommy sent out her link for this “activity” I figured it’s a great idea 😉

So here’s my To-Do list for the week, feel free to “bug” me about it, lol

  1. make grocery list
  2. make sure I find coupons for all things I can
  3. finish all e-mails by weds. night 😉
  4. tackle ALL laundry in the house!!!!! (last time it was 22 loads)
  5. stick to my 365 project 🙂
  6. 2pm Thurs O.T appt for son
  7. clean entire kitchen :/
  8. make sure I still continue to return the comment buy xanax fedex love 😉
  9. finish fixing my new lay-out
  10. put away ALL Christmas decorations :/
  11. My ultimate goal is to start unpacking the garage 😉 but this will take weeks, lol (let me tell you about this, we moved in here in June, but havent unpacked because to this date, we are still waiting for news of changing commands, therefor it would be useless to unpack and re-pack, lol, it’s my theory and I’m entitled to it, lol)

I’m going to leave it at that, lol.  If i don’t do anything else, at least I will have done 8 things, hahaha, this doesn’t include the normal daily things I have to do already, lol

Feel free to join in, and let me know if you do, so I can “bug” you, lol

(((this is being added at 632am on weds morning)))

  1. go to sleep sometime after sending the kids to school and picking up hubs from a most comfortable night of WELL rested sleep at the sleep study lab (ggrrr)
  2. remind myself to go to sleep since I haven’t been to sleep since yesterday, and on top of that, I slept 2 hours yesterday, hhmmmm, maybe I should sign myslef up for a sleep study huh? lol
  3. remind myself to read tuesdays list and re-read 1-3 on the bottom of the post 😉

12 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday”

  1. hi, stopping by as a fellow “To Do Tuesday-er” I love this post/list cuz i am the same way.. obsessivly writing lists and somehow it still doesn’t always actually make me do things that i right down. hell, i have written a grocery list, brought it to the store with me and still forgotten items on the list!!
    good luck with the list and have a great week

  2. Good Luck on getting your list accomplished. I have such a bad memory. I can write it down but I lose the paper. To much going on around me. Finally your showing up in my google reader!! YIPPEE!!

  3. I was tired Lily lol going through that list, no wonder I wrote the poem a womans work is never done, your doing a grand job, proud mother, wife and general dogsbody xxx
    take care..

  4. It’s always good to have a list to refer to. I need to get my Christmas stuff put away too. I just haven’t had the energy! Gah! Your 12 year old is an ADHD video game addict like my 14 year old! LOL.. I was reading about your kids, made me laugh. Love how you and your hubby met. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  5. Hello, I haven’t disappeared, totally. I have a synopsis and huge amount of chapters to write. I have to get the synopsis done by tomorrow morning and I mean the 14th.

    Here’s my list.

    1. Make calendar of dinners for a month.

    2. Coupons, hmm that means I need to clean up the pile of papers I tossed to the side table so I can find the coupons..

    3. I just checked I haven’t checked my emails in two days I have exactly -928….

    4. Laundry, so far I am on top of that. Today at least…

    5. My project is my novel I need to finish it this month.

    6. Band practice and two band concerts for my daughter, with two doctor appointments in-between today she wanted to join the theater club..

    7. Clean the entire kitchen! Oh, moms do I have to? How about clear the counter…

    8. I need to get back to my commenting, take a couple of days off and I got backed up bad..

    9. write, write , write, Blog whatever

    10. Too cold to do the garage! One good thing about the cold weather.

    11. I need to make a few phone calls, sears, doc,

    Have a great week,
    Gerardine Baugh

  6. Wow, that’s quite a list! I have definitely found it motivating to have my list out there for all to see – good luck this week. 🙂

  7. This is my first visit to your blog and I will return to read your words again soon. A warm thanks to you, your husband and your entire family for your sacrifice.

  8. oh my Goodness Gerardine!!!!!
    I thought I had a lot to do, you made me look like I’m on vacation!! lol, I hope that you are able to do all of your tasks, and I will check up on yoou soon

  9. Is that all you have to do? Whew! Don’t you hate it when people think moms have nothing to do but sit around watching TV?

    My list–wave goodbye to that company and begin the repair process–oh wait–first I have to go cleebrate they are gone!

    My son is currently enlisted–John C. Stennis.


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