been trying to hide it, but I guess i can’t hide things that well, since my kids ALWAYS find my hidden stashes of candy, lol.

I have been having a few down days lately.  All the stress about my grandfathers passing, and my other grandfather been so ill, has just put me in a rutt :/

I apologize for not posting the reviews I have, for not posting as frequently as I used too, and for even being absent minded about “Tag, you’re it”

I don’t know where my brain has been lately.  I will post up the Tag link in a while, but i will leave the list that is on, if you’re on it, great, just keep “Tagging” 😉
if you’re not on it, what are you waiting for? lol
here is the link for last week’s “Tag, you’re it”

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter, I have yet to recover from the earthquake scare, earthquakes happen to be by deathly fear, even worst than all the chocolate in the world disappearing 😉