(a post from my other blog)

i am dealing with my depression, that lately has become very bad.
this week i have been busy with the girls costumes for their dance performance, but have been dealing so much with me.

i just have not been able to get myself up and at it. i cry out of no where, and i just am so down, yet i try to keep myself up for the kids.

as i have stated before, my 6 yr old is going through a lot of testing to have a full diagnosis. he has b een diagnosed with ADHD and childrens bipolar disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder, its been so incredibly hard on me dealing with that.

it wears me out so much, emotionally, and mentally, and physically.
a few days ago, the ymca after school program called me and told me that he is not going to be able to be in the program anymore because he is too much for them to handle.

calls from the principal, teacher, and now the ymca staff is so hard on me mentally.

THE WORST yet…..

today the principal called me and said something happened and I needed to go to her office.
i got to the office and sat down.
after talking with her and my son, i got the whole story.
it seems, he got upset that his behavior card got changed colors, so he turned aroung and told one kid “if you dont stop laughing at me i am going to cut you with a knife, i would make you bleed and make it look like a bloody acident”

what?!?!?!?!? omg!!!! i was hurt, upset, embarassed and everything else.

after speaking with him, he said he heard that from “the cat in the hat movie”
i am not sure, because i havent watched the movie, but even so it was so wrong.
they sent him home, and have banned him from recess for the rest of 2009 (a week)

i just dont know what to do anymorre!!!!

i am tired, worn out, and just sick of it. i made him an emergency appointment for tomorrow, at child phsyciatrist, and see whats gonna happen.