Got a minute?
No, I’m not asking you to vote for me OR to take out your wallets, just sit and chat for a bit…
or read and giggle/tear!
I have been a part of Collective Bias (Social Fabric) for almost 3 years, and I have
loved it!
Yes, they have amazing shops, fun staff, a great income, wonderful exposure to our blogs, but do you want to know why I love them?
I LOVE Collective Bias as a whole, the community; old and new have always had one word in mind…
Anytime I have ever needed help, an ear, a shoulder, a hug, a hand to walk me through NYC, a smile, literally ANYTHING, my Social Fabric community has been there for me.
What does Social Fabric represent to me?Social Fabric to me represents what I believe in.
If you know me personally, you know that support is something I always try to hand out ;).  I know that as a Brand Ambassador and a review blogger, we write about what we love from this company and from that store; but when I blast through Social Media that I always love my CB team, it’s from the heart, never paid, never required, never asked for…

I do it because from the bottom of my little heart, I love the entire team!
 Now, why I am writing this you ask?
Not only have I always rose to the occasion when it comes to telling the world how much I support my CB team, but now I have a chance to not only scream it out again;
BUT TO ALSO WIN A TRIP TO REPRESENT THEM IN PERSON at their first ever Conference!!!
SoFabCon 2013
Let me tell you a little story about the last time I hung out with CB, it was during a conference in San Diego, Ca.  CB had a nightclub rooftop party, it was awesome! I was wearing a dress and heels, SHY AS ALL HECK, I kept hiding from pictures, and people alike, too shy for anyone to see me in person.
Let me tell you that I was literally taken by the hand here and there, being introduced to everyone, and being complimented on my shoes, dress, hair, and feeling loved!!!
I will never forget the way I felt, EVERYONE there made me feel like I belonged, like it was MY community.  yes, I cried!
I want a chance to redeem myself, I want to be abe to go to SoFabCon and be myself, to be happy and show everyone how I’ve grown, how THEIR support has helped and encouraged me through these years!
What will this experience empower me to do after the conference?
I’ll tell you!
After being a Military Wife for 14 years, my husband and I separated a few weeks ago.
Being in the Military for 14 years, serving 6 deployments doesn’t come with no strings attached, it comes with a nasty word called…

While we all hope that things will get better and one day we can mend this, for the time being I am raising little ones on my own, with what little income I get from Blogging…
So again, how will this conference empower me?

It will help me regain “the wheel”, learn a few things, meet more people so MY community grows,
and as my community grows…

so will I!

This experence will mean the world to me, not only because it will help me get connected and re-connected to the Social Media world and brands that I would like to work with, but because I am in dire need of some wonderful hugs 😉
Having many little kids, and being a stay at home Mom is always busy and crazy, but when you add a lovable and extra happy 8 year old with Autism, my world is in a continuous whirlwind…
NO VACATION IN THE WORLD can ever give me the craziness that
SoFabCon can 😉

I hope I can win this sponsorship, I would LOVE to display this badge on my blog…

I HOPE I can see you there!!!

Here’s a cute video I thought I’d share, about a few of the things I did in these last 3 months that make me feel I deserve a trip to AR…

I am entering this blog post as an entry to win a Blog Conference sponsorship to SoFabCon, I was not compensated for any of this, and all opinions and feelings are my own