As many of you know, my 10 year old Daughter loves to play basketball, and her basketball team won the Championships undefeated!!!
This was her first year ever to play basketball, she has a Love for it because her Daddy has a love for it ;), one thing we have had a hard time with is that she is afraid and insecure once the games start.
What better way to show my Daughter the wonderful things that can happen if she can get over her fears, than to take her to a WNBA game?!?!?!
I am so excited to say that we will be going to tomorrow night’s game at The Staples Center!!!!
The very place where the Lakers won the NBA Championship!!!!!!
The Teams that will be playing are:
Los Angeles Sparks vs. New York Liberty
One of the coolest things is that since my Hubby is from NY, our Family is definitely divided between LA & NY (being that I am from LA) 😉
If you want to take your Family to see some awesome Women play basketball like no one else, while having some clean Family fun, come on down!!!
To make it even better for you, here is a great discount code for you to enjoy ;)…
Just go to and enter the promo code WNBABLOG and experience the WNBA’s exciting, affordable, family-friendly entertainment!

  Here is one Mom’s comment:
“There’s so much energy and action throughout the whole game, these women can play ball!  There was never a “down” moment during the game.  Continuous music in between and non stop entertainment (dance troupes, contests, etc) throughout the game kept the crowd going and cheering.  The WNBA has done an amazing job with bringing the sport to a new level every year, this year is looking to be no exception to that rule.”

Catch a game before the season ends, take advantage of this offer while you can 😉  Here is the link to the schedule for this season:
If you’re going to tomorrow’s game, msg me, I would love to meet you 😉
Go Sparks!!!!!!!!!!!!!