Now who said basketball season ended in June?!
They’re WRONG….. 
The WNBA season is in FULL FORCE!!!

What better way to celebrate a World Championship Win by the Los Angeles Lakers in the Staples Center then to continue the basketball season with the Los Angeles Sparks?!?!!
Though the WNBA doesn’t get as much publicity as the NBA I truly believe that the ladies bring the game back to it’s purest form. 
The Los Angeles Sparks was one of the original 8 teams that helped form the WNBA in 1997 not to mention that the first ever points scored in the WNBA were by Penny Toler who played for the Los Angeles Sparks and as the General Manager helped put together the 2001 championship team!!!
Awesome facts right??
 One thing that was more awesome than knowing about and loving the WNBA was being able to attend a game.  Now to many it was just a Basketball game, to our Family it was so much more than that, it was an experience we will never forget.  
The WNBA graciously invited our Family of 8 to the Los Angeles Sparks vs New York Liberty game on June 29, 10. 
The rivalry between these two teams went further than the court, it was in our Family, in our 3 hour car ride each way, to say it was in our blood would not be an exaggeration either, see, I am from Los Angeles, Ca and my husband is from New York, NY, so while hubby and the boys rooted for New York Liberty Ladies, the girls and I cheered our lungs out for our Los Angeles Sparks πŸ˜‰
It was so much fun!!!
The screams, cheers, dancing, and rooting were so loud, and that was just from my daughters and myself πŸ˜‰  It was so adorable to see the 4 & 6 yr old boys cheering loud and chanting for the New York Liberty Ladies.
 C’mon Defense!!!!!

I was so excited to attend this game for many reasons:

  1. The Rivalry between LA & NY with husband and I.
  2. that it was 1 1/2 weeks since LA Lakers WON the NBA Championship in the same court!!!
  3. My kids were going to have the opportunity to attend their first WNBA game
  4. The Family adventure was going to be one to remember πŸ˜‰

 As many of you know my 10 yr old Daughter loves and just started playing basketball, so it was a learning experience for her, and so exciting to see such great Women playing basketball.  It helped give her confidence, and a different outlook on her own game.  She saw what she can accomplish if she continues to practice and follow her dream, and she DOES dream of playing basketball when she grows up.
Unfortunately the Los Angeles Sparks lost this game, we drove home hearing the boys tease us about their team winning, but all in all the ENTIRE Family had a great time!

 Final Score 80-68 NY Liberty

I highly recommend going to a WNBA game, these Women are so amazing!!!  Yet, severely under-appreciated and valued.  The WNBA does not receive 1/4 of the credit and praise they deserve, so c’mon, support our Women Athletes and attend a game, I promise that the experience is so worth it! 
Not to mention that a WNBA game ticket is completely more affordable than going to a majority of other sports games, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped support such an under-valued sport πŸ˜‰

As an added bonus, here is a code so you can purchase tickets at a discounted rate!  Just go to and enter the promo code WNBABLOG and experience the WNBA’s exciting, affordable, family-friendly entertainment!
Click here for Los Angeles Sparks Schedule
Click here for WNBA Schedule
 Thank you WNBA, Los Angeles Sparks and One@One for sending our Family on this unforgettable adventure πŸ˜‰