7 Unique Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to prep outdoor activities for the kids. Keep in mind that kids get tired of the same old thing, so they need activities switched up a little bit. If you will be spending some time outdoors with your kids, you need to check out these 7 unique outdoor activities for kids.

Outdoor Activities

Unique outdoor activities:

  1. Obstacle course: Create an obstacle course for your kids, they’ll love this. Use your imagination and what you have on hand to create an obstacle course.
  2. Hula hooping: When was the last time you hula hooped? News flash: kids love hula hopping and it’s an awesome opportunity for them to get some exercise.
  3. Water slide: While this isn’t a rare activity, it’s a fun one! However, a water slide isn’t something that parents do for their kids all of the time. Give it a try and see how much your kids love it.
  4. Berry picking: Have you thought about taking your kids berry picking? It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore and get in touch with nature. Do a little research, so you know what is poisonous and what’s not.
  5. Walking trails: Another great option for a unique outdoor activity is to walk trails. Look up local trails in your area. Most of the time the trails are free!
  6. Doing a woodworking project: If you really want a unique opportunity for your kids, then do a woodworking project with them. You’d be surprised as to how good kids can be when it comes to doing woodworking.
  7. Joining in on 4-H: And last but not least, another great activity to do with your kids is to get involved in 4-H. This is a local program that your kids can explore and really get the hang of.

There is just something amazing and freeing about being outside with those little ones of yours. When it comes down to it, there’s so much you can do outside, you just need to be creative. If you could choose any of these activities to do outside, which one would you choose first?

11 thoughts on “7 Unique Outdoor Activities for Kids”

  1. My boys have always loved being outdoors, they’re older now and run around with friends. My daughter is just 5 and she’s so curious about everything so it’s fun to get out into nature and let collect things she finds on our walks.

  2. Berry picking is something that I want to do with my kids. We have not found a place in Colorado near us. I need to ask around. We already had our water slide out thsi summer!! Fun!!

  3. I love all of these outdoor activities. I would probably pick hiking as the first one. It’ll be fun to enjoy the outdoors with my husband and kids. Berry picking would be great too!

  4. I love the idea of an obstacle course…I used to love them when I was younger! I actually spent 30 minutes outside with the kids today blowing bubbles, of all things!! We took turns trying to pop them! Ah, the simple things in life 😉

  5. These are all such great ideas! While I love summer and having my kids home from school, they can drive me crazy if they’re inside “bored” all day! The obstacle course and walking trails sound great!

  6. We love to go berry picking, but I can’t remember the last time we did it. Thanks for the reminder. We’ll also add water slide to the list, because you’re right: it rarely happens.
    Great suggestions!

  7. These are really great ideas! I personally do the walking trails thing with my nephew and nieces since I love nature. I get to share with them my love for the outdoors and they get to be ‘outside’ too! 😀

  8. One thing I am excited about since moving to the south is we have so many farms nearby. We’ll be doing some berry picking next month hooray! Also, I used to be really good at the hula hoop, but I’ve lost my moves. May be time to dig it out and practice again.

  9. My husband has been pitching a water slide purchase since the warm weather hit so I think that may be added to our list of outdoor activities this summer. I have heard of 4H before but never really checked into it. Thanks for the extra information it is definitely something worth looking into.

  10. My son loves being outdoors and I always run out of ideas for him while he’s outside. Besides riding his bike and taking a stroll around the neighborhood or playground I honestly can’t think of what to do. Thanks so much for this list!

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