a quick update

i am so sorry for not posting the Tag, you’re it new sheet, and for not giving the update about my daughter’s entry….

My grandfather passed away yesterday, i am not doing so good.
I’m sorry.

If you want to continue using the Tag page that is up, go ahead, if you can please vote for my daughter, there is 14 hours left in the competition, the link is here

you do not need a facebook account to vote..
you can vote once per email address

7 thoughts on “a quick update”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss sweetie…there are no words that I can think of to comfort you…He is at peace now doesn’t even come close..does it? My grandfather passed away a few years ago and still today I grieve…I miss him…hope that things get better for you! Keep the Faith!

  2. I tried to vote again, but I already did so it didn’t seem to want me to again. I am sorry about your grandfather. Your family will be in my prayers.

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