I have been asking my hubs for a laptop for YEARS!!
Yeah you read it right, Holidays, birthdays, tax seasons, you name the occasion for a gift, and the first thing I ask for is a laptop.

Do I have one? no! What do I use? A desktop, the family’s desktop. Ohh that’s not it, we bought it in 2002. I whine about it all the time. I have to share it with 6 children, and one game addicted hubby.
Hello!! they DO know about my love for blogging and all the things I want to do, projects I am involved in.
I want my own notebook, I need one, I DESERVE ONE!!!!!!

Let me tell you what I do, I wake up, walk the kids to school, come home, wait 20 mins for my comp to wake up πŸ™ To check my e-mails takes about 2 hours, thanks to the awesome speed of OUR desktop πŸ˜‰

I love to take pictures, blog, and network, can I do it? as fast as a snail πŸ˜‰
ohhh but wait, over 3000 pictures have been permanently lost due to 3 hard drives crashing, why? simple, I can only have so many programs on the comp because of the room on it’s brain, lol, viruses have taken over because we don’t have the room for anti-virus software. ALL of my kids baby pictures have been permanently erased. I have tried to save them to internet albums, it takes about one hour for me to upload 30 pictures, don’t believe me? come over and I’ll show you.

let me enlighten you a little bit more πŸ˜‰ for 6 years my in-laws lived 2 hours from us, one weekend a month we would spend it with them, guess what? EXACTLY!!! I would carry my HUGE desktop and even bigger monitor with us, I would wait for my in-laws to go to sleep and take over their phone line. OHH it gets funnier for you, but sadder for me, lol…..

I have been on bed rest during the last 4 pregnancies, during the last 3 i was in the hosp over 3 months at a time, while all the moms in there on bed rest had their own laptops, i had a HUGE desktop in there, I couldn’t use it because it was too heavy for the little table and I wasn’t allowed to have it on my bed, believe me I tried.

During the 2005 San Diego wildfires, I was on bed rest my husb had to evacuate our home because of the fire, he fit everything into the van that he could and the desktop had to use up the entire front seat, lucky for me I was in the hosp, lol.

During the 2007 San Diego wildfires, we had to evacuate once more. We couldn’t find hotels in the area so we decided to go stay with my in-laws. Yes, you guessed it, our desktop was with us in the front seat, completely UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ Oh I still get teased about it.
we went to NY last buy ambien saturday delivery Christmas and I was ready to take it with us, We were so over the weight limit that I had to leave it in the car during our vacation.

Yes I need to have the HP Mini 110 to Simplify my Life, I need it bad, lol. I very seldom get pedicures because I feel bad using the family’s money, I just don’t feel comfortable asking for something for me, because guilt kicks in, lol. I do ask for one, but I know it’s not something we can afford.  I do it for the thrill.   We are a Family of 8, one one income, a Military income at that, lol, so we’re talking major budget to make it through to the next paycheck.

When I saw that I could enter a sweepstakes for an HP Mini 110 with Windows 7, I ran and made hubby come and read it, I told him that I finally had a chance of having my own notebook. know what he said????? good luck with that one, you’ve got the same odds as me buying you one All of a sudden an orange jumpsuit and a few yrs in solitary didn’t sound so bad, lol, lol.

Ok so I know I am throwing all of my “ghettoness” out there, lol, but I don’t care, lol, I want/NEED to win this so bad!! I am tired of fighting the kids for a turn on the comp, my usual time I have for myself on the comp is between midnight to 5am, don’t believe me? look at all the timestamps my posts.

My hubs got word that his Duty station will likely be moved to the East Coast in a cpl of months, see, you already know me!!! Yes, we will be driving cross country in our van, with 6 kids, a dog, and a HUGE desktop and monitor the size of a cooler, lol. I want to document our travel, I want to blog about everything we see and experience on our drive across country; and yes, I will carry that huge thing into every hotel room we go into, so I can blog every night.
Suitcases with clothes, toys, blankets, pillows, cooler for food, snacks, and a HUGE desktop will all be in the car, oh wait, I forgot our dog, his bed, and crate.

On Feb 6, I have a blogging event where Moms will network, HOW EMBARRASSING that I HAVE to take my desktop to the hotel because I don’t have a notebook πŸ™

YES, phone books
My monster

do you see how much my life needs to be “simplified”?!?!?
This is why I am entering this sweepstakes because I NEED it so bad.

I NEED to have MY life Simplified by winning this HP Mini 110 with Windows 7, because with 6 kids and a cooky life, I need ALL the help I can get πŸ˜‰

You have a chance to win your own HP Mini 110 by leaving a comment on this post 3 random winners will be chosen from all of the comment entries.

YYYaaayyyy LET’S WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!