after being sooooo tired from being up until almost 4am, will took the car this morning. i didn’t even argue about it, lol. i just asked him to bring it by during his lunch so i can pick up the girls from school, since today was an early day.
to my surprise, he come home, cuddled up with me and went to sleep, lol.
when i asked him if he had to go back after lunch, he said no. who would have thought that the people at his job actually have feelings, lol. just kidding!!! lol

so he took a small nap and went to pick up the girls. it took us 4 hours to get dressed and showered and we finally left the house, lol. of course it was against will’s will, lol.

we went to WIC and then we went to look for some clothes for the kids, by mervyn’s. the kids started getting irritable after a couple of hours there, lol, so we went acros the street to eat the the buffet. it was good to eat from a variety of foods, lol. i had forgotten that thursday was family night there, and the mascot came out to give ballons and my anthony order accutane uk treatment started crying, lol. he took the ballon, and waved and said bye, but as soon as the bee left, he started bawling, lol. everytime the bee went by, he would say bye, kind of like saying “okay leave!”, and then as soon as it was gone, anthony would start crying, lol. it was cute and sad.
we were there about an hour, and i didn’t want to go home after that, so we went to walk around target. man, i wanted to stay and shop, lol. my baby bought me 2 cases of pepsi!!!!! i wa soo happy, lol. next i made a statement that i wanted to go to walmart, lol, and against his will, he held his crankyness back and took us. we weren’t there as long as i wanted, lol, but at least i got to go, lol.

the kids were so tired they went straight to sleep as soon as we got home, they will just have their showers in the morning.
like always, i can’t sleep, it’s almost 2am. agghhhhhh

i know this week has been very boring for my blog, lol, but hopefully tomorrow will be fun. i hope so! lol