Taking a Family Trip to a Pumpkin Farm!

Daddy woke up early this morning to be at Mission Bay at 8 a.m. for his weigh-in and measurements. I was proud of him, because I know he was so sore and tired. He was supposed to go for an hour but while he was there, since he couldn’t run like everyone else; Dave told him he could go, he went on his own to the gym, and got on the elliptical machine.  Yes, I am still proud of him.

Today, as every weekend, the kids and I woke up late. will was supposed to have been home before 10 am, because we had to go to a pumpkin patch event, but got home a little after 10am. lucky for him, I had the times wrong, and the event didn’t start til 2pm. yes, like always, it took us 3 hours to get fed and dressed and out of the house, lol.

After running late, like always!, we made it. It was in lakeside, we had a beautiful drive through the mountains, of course that was after the 15 minutes of freeway, lol. I made the kids carry sweaters because I thought it would get cold, but I was wrong. go figure, me wrong?! What were the chances of that happening?? lol
The cool thing was that I found my camera yesterday, so I knew I was going to have a picture filled day.

We signed in, and the kids started with their crafts. They colored their own trick or treat bags, and got masks. It looked like Will was more into it than the kids, lol.
We did everything there was to do. They played milk bottle bowling, they went through a maze, played basketball, went to the petting zoo, but the coolest things of all were the hayride, and the mountains of cottonseed for sledding!! Even Will tried to sled down the hill, but he fell and rolled down the hill, I missed the pic opportunity. It was so cool to see them play, it was like snow, lol. The hayride was awesome!! They showed us through the farm and dairy area. It’s a 3rd generation owned and operated business. They had a cow that gave birth an hour before we got there, and 3 the night before. They have a whole section of cows that are all pregnant and are all due in 1 day to 4 weeks. They have a methane plant, where they turn the cow manure into electricity, they use that electricity for the farm, dairy, and the houses on the property. It was all so cool, and at the end the kids picked their pumpkins and we bought a loaf of homemade pumpkin loaf. We are going to try it tomorrow.

I took so many pictures that they didn’t fit into one slide show, so I made 9. lol yes, 9 slide shows, hope you enjoy!!!