today we went out with daddy for lunch again, just the boys, daddy and me, hey, i guess that makes me the queen of the day, lol.

as soon as i picked up daddy from work, the car started to make this loud weird noise with the ac on, so we drove to auto zone, after will hit it, it decided to fix itself, lol, or maybe it was the fact that the guy said it would be over $150.00 to replace the belt, it gor scared it would toss it away, lol.

so after driving around for almost 40 mins and all through the city, we finally stopped at a mcdonalds. yippe me, 🙁 lol will won a mcflurry, lucky him, he always wins things, the project man makeover for example. lottery ticket are the same thing. he’s got lady luck on his side.

after we dropped off daddy back at work, the boys and me went to the bank. what was i thinking!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!
the poor girl who took us had this look on her face, like….
“why did i pick these people?!?!?!”
lol, u could tell she didn’t have kids, lol.
so after a loooong time there, i opened my own checking account, it was sooo cool!!!!!!
then i went to the teller to withdrawl some moolah, and they had a sign generic nolvadex tamoxifen that they were giving away a velour type balnket and a stuffed puppy if you applied for a visa. so i applied so i could give the kids the things so they would stop trying to run into the vault. and run to the vault he did, anthony the 2 yr old, made a run for it, and made it. i was so embarassed, lucky for me, they all thought he was cute so they weren’t upset.
then i remembered why it was that i NEVER go anywhere without will to help me with the kids!!!!!!!!!!

well, will was supposed to start hisworkout today, the first session of a whole 12 wekk process of transformation. leave it to the military to tach me a lesson about making plans, the servers crashed and he wound up being at work driving back and forth from base to base til almost 3am when i had to go pick him up. i felt so horrible putting the baby in the car at that time. he didn’t even wake up, lol. so dave the trainer said it’s switched til friday at 6pm.
hopefully it will go through!!!!!!!!

i can’t find my camera, i remember the last time i used it was when we went to the dinner last week. it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!!