so all the kids headed to bed, i was in the laundry room, just washing clothes, and re arranging the room, and out from under a trash bag i picked up, ran a BIG fat mouse!!!

i screamed so loud i scared myself, lol.

the thing ran over my feet and to the back of the laundry room, will was sleeping in the living room, and i just froze all of a sudden, i guess the female in me came out, lol, cause i just started screaming for will and crying and i couldnt move my feet, lol.
of course i guess a big part of it was because i was scred of it biting my toes, since i was barefoot, lol.

after exactly 10 minutes of screaming the kids came downstairs and told daddy to wake up and help mommy cause she was crying in the laundry room.

izeah, our 5 yr old, came in there and was asking, “what happened mommy?” where is it?” “is it a mouse?” like a little hero, lol.

will came in, half asleep, and pulled me out of the laundry room and brought me to the living room. by then i was sobbing.

he sat me on his lap, and i just broke down, i cried so much until i was gasping.
i was sobbing, telling him i was sick and tired of the mice, of living like this.
i know that a big part of it was because of what happened, but i think a bigger part was just because of my depression.

i had been having a bad few last days and so i finally had a big action that just put me over the edge.