its dec 22nd, and i have not done Christmas shopping yet πŸ˜•

ok so iguess by the time this hits blogland it will be the 23rd wich even sounds worst.

i was finally able to go to the store today for 1 1/2 hours and i was just trying so hard not to have anxiety attacks, that i couldnt enjoy myself….

i was able to buy one thing for 4 kids.

i stink at this, a lot has to do with the fact that 2 days ago i went to try to get groceries and i was waiting for a parking spot and this man was honking and screaming and cussing at me to move because he wanted to go by. this was a very skinny lane by the way, so no one can move.

i finally got into the parking spot and he got off of his car and came to mine and screamed and cussed and told me to get out so he can teach me a lesson!

good thing tha t for the first tme in 2 months, i decided to go to the store without the kids, but i sat in my seat and cried for about 3 minutes, i was just so scared!!!!

yikes, that means i only have tomorrow to do what i have to do, on top of not having enough spirit in me for the season, i have not had the energy and time to do the Christmas projects i told the kids we would do, i have to go make a cake for my brothers birthday that is on christmas eve.

long story later, but this is for abrother that i have not talked with in 3 months and the father of my lil niece. its as a faveor to his girlfriend that i am making the cake.

God grant me the strength to make the cake with no diurettics!!!! lol lol lol