Another 9/11 Anniversary, yet still as painful as the first…

Year after year I dread this coming day, I feel the emotions building, I cry at every mention and announcement of the upcoming anniversary and at the recounts of that tragic day.
My heart hurts so much for the Families that lost loved ones, as if I lost someone myself.  I lost a part of my heart though.

September 11th is a day we will all remember, different reasons for different people; but all for the same tragedy.

Last year I wrote our story.  I wrote why, aside from the terrible tragedy; it is so personal to me.
Every time I re-read this story, every time I relive this memory, every year around this time; I cry.  I cry from the heart for every reason you can think of.  I cry from pain, I cry from fear, I cry from anger; I cry from gratitude.

My Husband was on his way home that day from our/his second Deployment in the Middle-East.  To see the news, to see the planes, to hear from every person that this is going to set off a war; to not hear from my husband who was on the USS Constellation (one of the largest US Navy’s aircraft carriers) somewhere at sea…
if insanity was measured in a cup, my cup overfloweth!

~~This is our story~~


This was the comment my Husband wrote on that post, I found a good guy 😉
911 comment
As the anniversary of 9/11 gets closer, our kids begin to ask me to tell them what the day was like, where Daddy was, what I felt like; as if it’s the first time they hear that story.  I love their curiosity, I just hate that it’s not a happy memory I re-tell.

How do you speak to your kids about this day? Where were you?