Life with little ones is grand isn’t it? However, having multiple little ones at home at the same time is not easy. You have all of these little people who want your attention. How does one manage life with multiple little ones? Here are some tips!


Multiple Little Ones

Prioritize who needs what: When it comes to little ones, you pretty much have to choose who needs your help the most. Obviously a poopy diaper trumps a kid needing a snack. You can’t be superhuman as much as you wish you could.

Take time for yourself: You’ll never be able to manage life with multiple little ones if you don’t take the time for a breather every once in a while. Hide in the bathroom for a breather if you need to. Time for yourself makes you a better parent.

Create a mini schedule: Life is always better with multiple little ones when you have some sort of schedule. It can be as simple as making sure you eat lunch at the same time and go to bed around the same time. If you have everything else lined up, more power to you!

Ask for help: One of the best things you can do as a mom or dad of little ones is to ask for help when you can. Of course not everyone has someone to help them out, but if you do, take advantage of it! Asking someone for help doesn’t make you a weak person, it makes you a smart person. Taking care of your little ones is exhausting!

Make new friends: Another lifesaver whenever you have multiple little ones is to make new friends. As a mom, you’ll always love having someone to talk to. Even if you make new friends over the Internet, that still counts! Moms Helping Moms on Facebook is a great group for moms with multiple little ones. Finding friends with your kids’ age is a lifesaver.

Rest when you can: Speaking of resting, when and if you can wrangle those little ones down for a nap, take one yourself. If you are going to realize one thing, know that you can clean till your heart is content but your kids will turn into tornadoes within the next ten minutes.

The most important part of managing life with multiple little ones is to have fun. What tips do you have for managing life with multiple little ones? I’d love to hear your tips!