Something i have been wanting to share and bring awarness too.

Many of you have heard of The USO through commercials, i have learned that there are some people that have heard of The USO, but don’t know much about it. There is another organization that is close to my heart, and that is Soldier’s Angels. As with the USO, not many people know of Soldier’s Angels.

well I have decided that in the spirit of me being thankful for the things and people in my life, i am also going to start a Thankful Thursday post.

Yes, I will blog about what I am thankful for, and ask my friends from Blogland to tell me what they are thankful for as well, BUT…

I am also going to show you why I am so Thankful to certain Organizations and certain people that have affected my life in one way or another.

There are so many men and Women who are Heroes in our daily lives, and we never even know about them. Not just because my husband is in the military, but all my life I have been raised to be very appreciative of The Military, of our Vets, and of all people and organizations that make this world a better place.

Today, thanks to Shannon, the writer of The Mommy Files , i have been inspired to start my Thankful Thursday posts.

Thank you Shannon for the secret Inspiration 😉