As you all know by my Blog title, we are a Military Family of 8, and always living in a world of non-stop Adventures.  Weather they are outrageous and out of this world, or just our every day adventures, we are always on the move.  Having so many kids in the house, is an adventure in itself, and there is hardly ever a quiet peaceful moment, let me tell you, when the kids don’t have betteries for their toys we ALL suffer!!!

A few months ago I received an Invite to attend  an event from Energizer to promote their newest product, The Energizer Smart Charger.
We had such a BLAST at the event, we were served an awesome lunch, wraps for grown-ups and chicken strips and fries for the kids, guess which side I ate from?  After all, I AM a kid at heart 😉
There was an awesome speech and presentation, along with a super fun moment for all, a giveaway shower of toys for all the children!!!
When the presentation and the giveaways were over, we went into a second room where the kids were filmed for the Energizer Kids take charge Contest
It was so funny to see my kids act for a camera, and the Energizer representative filming them was having such great laughs, seeing that my kids were acting like complete lunatics and showing him how they make Mommy crazy when they don’t have charged batteries.
All in all we had a blast, we received our own Smart Charger and I have been using it ever since.  
Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not because we didn’t have any chargers already, in fact we own 4 different kinds of Energizer battery chargers. 
With a Family that has always been on the Go!, full of children’s activities, Military Events, Deployments, Births, Birthday’s, Holidays, and everyday funny moments, I have carried a small and a big camera with me ALWAYS, as well as the kids music players (CD players because this Family can’t afford anything more), and the newest addition to our Family since this Christmas has been the boys hand held video game devices (which each use 4 AA batteries) The DIJI. (Let me tell you that my 2 little boys HYPER-active-energy-filled-bodies have sometimes been so quiet with their games, that I forgot they were home!)
Do I have to mention how many batteries we need for the Wii remotes for a Family of 8!?!?
Let me tell you, this Family would go through disposable batteries like they were TP ;)’
Until one day we decided to buy the small charger + 4AA batteries.  It was the best thing we ever did.  We have saved SO much money without having to buy disposable batteries, not to mention the smile we put on Mother Nature’s face when we don’t throw those nasty things into her playground as we would.
We all have our own Energizer Chargers, the small boys each have the “skinny” charger, it charges 2 batteries on each side AA or AAA, and it fits in their jean pockets when we go to the nursing home with Grampa for the whole day…
The Girls each have their own “collapsible” charger, they like that they can fit it into their small purses and always carry it along with their camera’s and C.D players…
The Teenage boys each have their dual light chargers, they HAVE to have something that tells them their batteries are charged, and it helps so much because once they see the red light, they know to UNPLUG! 😉
Now for Myself and Hubby, after receiving my own Smart Charger and seeing how awesome the features were, and since hubby also liked the way it worked, we bought him his own…
Now I don’t want you to think that I only downloaded these images from the internet and in fact I don’t have these chargers, so I took one picture of one of each and just 1/4 of our batteries so you can see for yourself that we ARE in fact an Energizer Family…
(Do you see my post in the background?)
P.S. the girls were too lazy to go get their purses from the car for the picture :/
So as you can tell Energizer is a part of our daily lives, one of the extremely important reasons why I always have charged batteries in hand, is because we are so used to Hubby being deployed or at work until midnight, that I ALWAYS try to capture every memory for him, and for myself 😉
See, with other chargers I was never able to tell if the batteries were fully charged and before we bought the kids their own chargers, everyone would take the charged batteries from chargers and replace with dead ones, MANY times I missed great memories because my batteries were dead. 
With the Energizer Smart Charger, I have never had that problem again!!!
It has a meter that tells you just how charged your batteries are, and how much longer until they are fully charged.  It has helped me capture so many memories because I knew how long I would have before I was going to need the kids batteries 😉
The Energizer Smart charger has LED windows that show the countdown of charging as well as showing you if a non-rechargeable or dead battery has been placed in the charger. 
Did you know that it’s EnergyStar Certified!?!?!?
Now do you see why I love it?!?!
No more missed pictures!!!!!
Now let’s move on to why I strongly believe that I should be the next Energizer Smart ChargHER Sponsored Blogger…
I have never in my life been able to attend an event for myself, or travel somewhere far other than for Family emergency trips.  The sad kind. 
So I am SO SUPER EXCITED to announce that I AM attending BlogHer 2010!!!
Not only attending, but I will be working at the Front Registration Desk 😉 !!!!
I know right?!?!?
That’s one of my biggest reasons for screaming!!!
I will be sitting at the front desk, signing EVERYONE in, and meeting EVERYONE and their mama’s 😉
Being that I have always been shy I was scared at first, but learning from my experience in attending so many blogging and social events lately, I have learned that Bloggers in fact DO NOT BITE!!!

I am so excited that everytime I think about being at BlogHer and meeting everyone from the registration desk, staff, and events that I just GLOW!!!
I am not only attending BlogHer 10, and being at the registration desk (which might I add has been called the “premier Real Estate Spot”), but I will also be attending every single Social event while I am there, I am talking confirmed entry to ALL the parties that have been announced, and many “Private” ones 😉
I know that I have the personal and genuine love for Energizer Smart Charger and all their line of rechargeable batteries and chargers, so I have the emotion and drive to want to promote the Energizer brand to the world!!!
I know my passion has driven many Family and friend’s to buy what I have, to buy what I RAVE about, and to fall in love with certain products as I have, I Blog and am into Social Media for the love of it, not for the products or recognition, I love reaching out to the world and sharing my experiences and loves.
As a Finalist for the “Blog of the Year” Award from InfluenceSD, and a Finalist for the Sony Blogger Contest and here, I know I have what it takes to get my Influence and heart out to the world, I have turned down several sponsor offers to BlogHer10 because the companies were not who I wanted to represent to a World of Social Media Influencers during BlogHer10.

After having my Family go to the ends of the world while I care for my Grampa in the Nursing home from 8am-8pm 7 days a week for the last 3 months, and the 24hr stays during his last 3 hospital stays that were 4-20 days in length, I decided that I owed my children a summer.  Their entire summer vacation has been spent helping me care for Grampa in the nursing home, so I made a decision that I am taking my whole Family to New York for a much DESERVED vacation!!!   You have to just IMAGINE how drained and un-energized MY body, mind, and soul are from dealing and caring for my Grampa, though I love him to death, his hip & shoulder fractures, along with his brain hemorraghes on each side (all from the fall), and his worsening Dimentia, have taken a serious toll on me, I NEED to have MY batteries RE-CHARGED!!!
This trip to NY will seriously RE-charge our ENTIRE Family 😉 

Shall I mention that my Husband is from New York??? and due to the demand of his Military Career he has not been back home to visit his Family in many years!!!

 So what better thing to do than to work my butt off trying to sell all the recyclable cans and bottles I can find, cutting down on all things possible from our grocery bills, and fast food, to give my Family the one thing that we ALL need?  This will be our opportunity to connect again, to remind ourselves what Family is all about, and for Daddy and his Family to bond with my kids while I am at BlogHer10 and all things BlogHer Related!!!!

To prove to you how much saving and planning we have been doing, My Husband has gotten ALL info we need to get on a MAC flight, for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a free flight we can use in the Military, we would only board stand-by to any other Military installation the cargo plane is going too.  We are prepared to fly cargo and do 3 days on stand-by wait to get a free flight to NY,I mean c’mon did you think I had the money for a Family of 8 to fly on only one Military income? HA!!

In addition, the closest Military installations that will be having stand-by flights around the time we have to leave are a few hours from NY, so we will HAVE to rent a car just to get to NY, we are also prepared to eat sandwiches the entire 2 week stay in order for us to be able to enjoy the sights.  Our flight back home will also be around a 3 day stand-by wait to San Diego, Ca.  We are prepared to do and live with the least means necessary while we are out there, in order to be able to go and have fun, so this $2,000.00 Sponsorship from Energizer would be just a dream come true for our Family.

I KNOW I HAVE the DRIVE, PASSION, EXCITMENT, and LOVE for Energizer Brand, that I know I will be an asset for the company during BlogHer10, I will walk, talk, and Socialize with the entire world while I am there, as well as Twitter, and Facebook my fingers off 😉
I will definitely be using my Smart Charger to charge my camera batteries every chance I get, because we all know we want to capture all the memories while at BlogHer10 and of course take pictures to show the world of our long time Blogging friends that we haven’t met in person 😉  Did I mention this is my First Blogging conference?!?!  Pictures and Networking Galore!!!!!

I will Tweet, Facebook and Blog about where I am and mention the Energizer Smart Charger to all who have ears, I will PROUDLY wear the Energizer T-shirts because C’mon, it’s my outfit of choice!!!
If I win this Sponsorship, I promise to make Energizer T-shirts for my entire Family to wear during our ENTIRE 2 week stay in New York and take pictures to prove it!!!
If asked from Energizer, I will parade my Family through the BlogHer Hotel and City in our Energizer T-shirts looking like a duck row made of Energizer Bunnies…
I will also give out my locations for the AWESOME USB drives that will hold the company info and possible prizes throughout the Conference as well as throughout the City of New York !!! 😉
If approved I will also hold giveaways through Twitter, and my Blog for some of the “Sought after” USB’s 😉
In addition, If I win this sponsorship, I would feel guilty being the only one to benefit from the sponsorship right? So naturally, I will buy treats, prizes and souveniers for giveaways, so we can all be happy 😉  I mean really, who doesn’t want an I (heart)NY T-shirt, or some Pretzel M&M’s???
So C’mon, please please please help support me by letting Kailani at An Island Life, and Krissy at Barefoot Mommies know that you think I would be a GREAT representative for the Energizer Smart ChargHER Brand Campaign 😉
Tweet for me, Facebook for me, heck, you can even scream it out your window for me if you want 😉

Tweet this for me if you think I am worthy of this $2,000.00 Sponsorship from Energizer:
Hi @Kailani @BarefootMomma UR custom-made #Energizer Bunny is @Militaryfamof8 She’s got the $2k “Drive” 4 USB Delivery!

If you really want to help, get the word out through Facebook as well, let Energizer know that you think I have what it takes to fully represent their company:
C’mon Energizer, your custom-made #Energizer Blogger is @Militaryfamof8 She has the $2k “Drive” 4 USB Delivery! Check out her post and duck row of Energizer Bunnies!!!