Last month
I was invited by The Hampton Inn & Suites to a WONDERFUL Dinner, Night’s stay, and an even BETTER “Make your own Waffle” Breakfast, so I could see their new campaign, “Clean & Fresh”.  Let me tell you…I’m SOLD! 
No more bringing a sleeping bag to sleep on. 
No more needing a black light to seek out nasty stains. 
No more worrying about who slept in the bed the day before you. 
Why? You ask…
Well, because the Hampton Inn has brought freshness to a whole new level…. 
I know you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about right? 
Well let me tell you…
The Hampton Inn & Suites are now Clean and Fresh!!! 
That’s right, and to give you an example of how clean & fresh The Hampton Inn &  Suites mean by “Clean & Fresh”…
“The Queen of Clean” Niecy Nash is heading and endorsing
The Hampton Inn & Suites Clean and Fresh Campaign!!!
Now you know, if it’s “Clean and Fresh” enough for the Queen, it’s great for the rest of us 😉
Just so you know, and Niecy Nash DOES; The Hampton Inn Family KNOW how much some of us LOVE their beautiful things, that they have EVERYTHING for sale 😉

Check it out!!!
That’s right, you read me; from now on ALL of your linens and that includes the duvets, will be ENTIRELY cleaned right before your visit!!!
I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty fresh and clean to me. I would hate for you to end up sleeping like this…….
So remember the next time your looking to stay at a hotel leave the black light and sleeping bag at home and head to the Hampton Inn & Suites!!!
I had the BEST sleep I have had in almost a year!  As we entered the room it smelled GREAT, and freshly cleaned.  Your nose does NOT fail you does it?
So remember, the next time you go to book your stay anywhere other than your Mom’s house, keep in mind that NO PLACE is cleaner than Mom’s, except for The Hampton Inn & Suites!!!
Now for an EVEN BETTER part…
I will be having several giveaways courtesy of The Hampton Inn & Suites!!!!
My Friends at The Hampton Inn & Suites have given me
2 FREE night’s stay
to give away to 2 of my readers

*1 night for each, don’t get carried away! 😉
**Approximate Value $130 each!
Want more?!?!?!
For the “POW-EFFECTThe Hampton Inn & Suites have given a
KING SIZE BEDSET to ONE of my readers!!!
*King Size Clean & Fresh Linens, Duvet, & Duvet Insert!!!
**Approximate Value OVER $400!!!
That way you can experience just how great this bedding is!!!

Here’s how to participate:

Mandatory Entry: 1 Entry
Tell me about your best/worst hotel experience EVER
Optional and Additional Entries:
  1.  Comment on any other of my posts 1 Entry per comment per different post(unlimited)
    (Blog Archive is on bottom-left hand column)
  2. Add @militaryfamof8 on Twitter 2 Entries
  3. Tweet about this giveaway with  link, feel free to cut and paste: 
    Check it out: 2 ppl #Win 1 night stay or King Size Bedding set from Hampton Inn Hotels @Militaryfamof8 #giveaway PLS RT
      (1 entry per tweet, unlimited entries make sure you keep @militaryfamof8 in the tweet so I can track it AND make sure you leave URL of tweet as a comment f/each one))
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Giveaway Ends 8-25-10 @ midnight PST, Open to US and Canada residents
(FREE night’s stay is open to everyone, Bed set is ONLY open to US residents)

Leave me a separate comment with URL to your posts
, including twitter, for each of your entriesFor example if you posted on your blog, leave me 7 separate comments, makes sense? 
Due to the AWESOME Value and that I will be in NY for BlogHer 2010 and Vacation before and afterwards, I have extended this giveaway from the normal 2 week time.  I hope you understand, and at the same time it gives those of you who love to compete more chances for more entries 😉

Winner will be chosen through, I will Post and E-mail the Winner.  Winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their information or I will choose a New Winner.


  1. My Best experience was at a Hampton Inn in NC. The bed was the most comfortable I had ever slept in! Overall it was a great experience, the best night sleep ever and I would love to return!

    jennifermarek (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  2. My favorite are your Tag, You’re It posts because this is how I first met you!

    jennifermarek (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  3. Best experience was also worst experience! Stayed at a Grand Rapids hotel a couple of years ago with kids and an extra friend.

    Best: Got a fab deal on suite
    kids loved the indoor water park

    Worst: Got a fab deal on suite because hotel was under construction, we discovered after we arrived. Service was lousy and beds were terrible.

    Thanks for hosting!
    Stopping by from Friday Follow. Already follow on GFC so am now following on twitter as well!

    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  4. With being in the military we are always staying in hotels between moves. We have had rooms where I cringed getting into the bed wondering but not wanting to know “were the sheets really washed?” We are moving in a couple of weeks and I am hoping that we come across some nice hotels. I don’t think the Hampton allows pets though and we will be traveling with our cats. But the pictures and video really do look nice. A lot better than some hotels I have stayed in.

  5. Funny enough, I believe it was a Hampton Inn that we stayed at in TX as a layover – we were headed to Belize and had to wait until the next morning to catch that flight. The beds were SUPER comfy.

    I think we’d want to win the night’s stay, as we have a pillow-top CalKing bed so we have to get the bigger sheets w/deep pockets. (Otherwise I’d totally go for the bedding.)

  6. One time we were staying at a hotel with the granchildren and someone next door was smoking so much marijuana that I almost passed out in the hall. Usually I say what happens behind closed doors in their business, but when it started to waft into the room with the girls and I could feel it affecting me?! No way, I called the front desk and they moved us. I want to win! And I already follow you on twitter!

    Also, loved seeing you yesterday. Also, also, remember when I voted for you? You can return the favor by going to vote for me, please? Details on my blog.

  7. worst experience was last year in Texas. the bed was crawling with ants, nasty stuff in the tub, no toliet paper…and to think this hotel had had a 4 star rating on the internet. We didn’t stay. Heck we didn’t even bring the kids in. it was gross.
    [email protected]

  8. I love hello and how are you. It makes me feel a little saner. hello, I’m jen, I have 6 kids, and we have had so many hospital screw ups that I fear them (and yes growing up they were military ones lol)

  9. i had a terrible experience once when the room we stayed in was rat infested. we checked out asap. i still feel gross thinking about it

    jensays at

  10. Worst experience ever was at a Quality Inn in South Carolina. The rooms were nasty and after we had settled in and finally got to bed at 12pm, the fire alarm went off and we wound up standing outside for 5 hours for a false aram and they wouldn’t give up our money back so we paid $90 for an hour since we were driving through to go to disney and arrived late and had to leave early! Standing outside when your 8 months pregnant for five hours is no fun! Totally ruined our vacation and when I called corporate about it they said there was nothing they could do since it was individually ran! Ughhh…so yea…theres my rant for the day! LOL

    [email protected]

  11. My worst experience would be while traveling with a broken down car – we had no money and stayed at some no-name motel with at least 1-1/2″ of space between the door and the floor, things LIVING in the ceiling and a horrible dog that patrolled the grounds and sniffed out the cat in our room, therefore barking and snarling at our very inadequate door the whole night. It was terrifying!

  12. I want both prizes! But if I have to choose, the free nights stay. My worst experience was a hotel room in Nashville with no A/C, and no free breakfast as advertised, gross! scg00387 at yahoo do tcom

  13. Best and worst stay was last week at a Clarion Inn. Brand new hotel w/ waterpark. The hotel was great but they couldn;t find my reservation at check in and the park wasn’t finished.
    [email protected]

  14. My best experience was pretty recently. My bf came back from marines boot camp, after being away for almost a year. We stayed at a hotel in Anaheim and just ran around the hotel like little kids. We brought a bunch of kids menus from the hotel restaurant to our room and colored until 3am. OH also our server was one of the contestants on the Bachelor!

    [email protected]

  15. My worst hotel experience was in a really shady hotel (only because we were camping and got rained out). We moved the night table to plug in our cell phone chargers and found a used condom. We were horrified and slept on top of the covers will our jackets underneath us, lol.
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  16. I loved your #energizer post. I was so pumped after reading it that I was ready to sponsor you myself, lol. If I had any money or products to sell I probably would have!!
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  17. My husband and I don’t do much without the kids. This year, for our anniversary, we decided to get a jacuzzi suite for a night. We had a baby sitter. We went out to dinner and bought a bottle of Champagne for the jacuzzi. It was such a great night. I’m ready to do it again lol hope I win!
    angiewith3 at live dot com

  18. My best experience was in Northern California, in ’97, at a place that let you book at a weekly rate, rather than nightly. I don’t recall the name, but it was clean, close to EVERYTHING, and my stay was pleasant and uneventful.

    Fast forward to Thanksgiving a couple of years ago (and our WORST EVER hotel experience), and the (now FORMER) Comfort Inn North location in Phoenix. We’d stayed there before, and always had great experiences, but it had been at least 2 years since our previous visit. This time, we had 2 small children, one nursing, and neither of them wanted anything to do with the loaner crib the hotel offered. So, we all crammed into a Queen bed together. In the morning, while nursing my daughter in my slumber, I felt something dropping onto my chest. Thinking it was her hair, I looked…IT WASN’T! I jumped out of the bed, with her in my arms, flinging chunks off of my chest and arms and neck, and FREAKING out. I snatched my son off the bed, and when we pulled the blankets back and the pillows, too, we saw the little specks all over. As we stood there, more chunks fell to the bed. We looked…UP…and there, on the ceiling, were termites, hatching from their little colonies on the ceiling of our room! GAG!!! I will never EVER forget our stay there. As we were transferred to another part of the hotel, and a bigger, but not exactly “luxury” room (carpet was thin and torn in places, not to mention disgustingly black with filth, and the doors were hanging 1/2 off the cabinets), I began to take notice of something we had walked past on our way to our room. Over 1/2 of the rooms had clear packing tape sealing the doorways…all the way around the entire frame and floor area below the door. We were transferred to the new room, and still charged full price for our original room. We’ve never gone back…and never will.

    Just writing this makes me dry heave again.

  19. Ooooh…you’re sneaky…I wasn’t following via networked blogs…but be warned…I know where you are now…and I will be watching.


    PS…I got chocolate cheesecake AND chocolate martinis…entry 1 of 2

  20. The worst experience would have to be when my husband and I were headed to San Diego with my daughter who was 3 at the time and myself who was 7 months pregnant. We had left in the evening when my husband had gotten off of work to spend Spring Break in San Diego with his family. We hadnt gotten too far when a tire had blown on our van. We had broken down just as we were leaving Albuquerque and because of it being in the evening we were unable to find a tire place that was open. We ended up calling a wrecker and he took us to a Hotel that was not too far from his shop. Once we got checked in we noticed a funky smell in the room. My husband asked to change rooms and they were able to do it for us. The second room also had a funky smell so we just settled. When we got on the bed you could feel the little springs in the bed poking you and every time someone moved it was incredibly noisy and the whole bed would move. I got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and there were roaches all over the bath tub. That kinda did it for me , I couldnt sleep after that because my skin would not stop crawling. As soon as morning came my husband and I checked out quickly and walked over to the wreckers place and waited for him to put a new tire on , then left. I will have to say , by far , that was the worst hotel experience I have ever had.

  21. OMG! Our worst hotel stay ever was when we arrived late in the evening. We were exhausted and happy to get the key to our room. The flooded outside staircase should have tipped us off to a problem, but we just wanted to sleep. The room was filthy. The bathroom was so small that a chunk of the tub was sawed off to allow the door to close. Cigarette burns on the beds and in the bathroom, dirty carpet…you get the picture.

  22. Best experience was at one of the Disneyland hotels. We were upgraded to a bigger room. When you opened the slider there was a pool on the deck just for the rooms on the 3rd floor. It was very nice!

    TwitterMom! Follow Me!

  23. Worst hotel experience was at a hotel where we found a sticky substance that appeared to be blood on our “fresh, clean” bed sheets! Yuck-oo!! The hotel staff did come in and change the sheets immediately when we called, though.

    [email protected]

  24. Ok, I totally forgot to leave a 2nd comment re: twitter, to get the 2 entries. So this is #2.

  25. My worst experience was staying at a fancy hotel at Disney World in Florida. The outside and front desk were very nice. The rooms were really tiny and the toilet kept running all the time. About 4 hours into our stay the toilet over flowed. I called down stairs it took maintenence 3 phone calls to come up. I had every towel and rug I could get soaking up the water. They put me in a different room. It makes for a lousy stay when you have to pack up everything and move to another room.

  26. I’ve had many wonderful experiences, so I will tell you about the worst hotel experience: in 1994, we stayed at an airport hotel near LAX; there was paint on the sheets (they were remodeling) and the “continental breakfast” consisted of white toast and grape jelly! It was pretty dreadful.
    Looking forward to my next stay at a Hampton Inn!
    [email protected]

  27. Sent FB Friend Request
    I just realized I need to designate which prize I wanted–I’m too tired to go back and delete my previous entries and re-post my comments…sorry.
    I’d like to win the free night stay at a Hampton Inn (we don’t have any king-size beds)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Sent FB Friend Request
    (second entry)
    I’d like to win the free night stay at a Hampton Inn (we don’t have any king-size beds)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Best – getting upgraded to a suite overlooking the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

    Worst – finding the only room available in Tampa but there was a huge bloodstain on the carpet. ewww

  30. I have a couple worst experiences but since you only need one…It was a Bed & Breakfast in Bucks County. They basically duped us by not giving us the room that we paid for. The room they gave us had a shower in the closet! It was an ancient Victorian house so you can imagine how small this shower was. I had a problem using it and I am 5’1″ tall and weigh about 115 pounds. The powder room in our room had a toilet that rocked and a sink the size of a postage stamp. I hated that place.
    I am entering for the King Set

  31. I was in Tenn. and had made reservations at a Comfort, boy was it nasty, it was after 3 (5 min) so they wouldn’t refund, but I left!

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