today daddy didn’t have to go to work, so he got up, got the girls ready for school, and dropped them off in time for breakfast. then he came home and we went back to sleep. 🙂
the good thing is that the 2 boys love to sleep late, so we all slept in.
we got ready and as soon as the girls got home we went to the pumpkin patch. our management was doing another wonderful event for military families.

the theme was “western round up” it was supposed to be from 4-6 pm. now by our track record, we are always late, lol, but this time we got there at 3:30pm. i was surprised, lol. there was already a line, and we all stood there until 4pm when they opened the gate.

it was cool. they had bull riding, mechanical of course, lol. knowing will, he had to try it, he lasted a whole 3 seconds!! lol they had another ride where you ride a mechanical horse, and you have to try to rope the cow. paint balling a cowboy. popcorn, churros, pretzels, and drinks. they had a train ride, and crafts. also, they had professional family portraits taken there. the game they always have is to guess a certain something.
this year you had to guess the weight of a huge pumpkin, and of the amount of candies in a jar. the best one, was that every family got to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

we had a fun day, i love going to lincoln military housing events. not only do we already know the staff, and love that they are soo nice, but it’s so great that you are able to have some good family fun, for free!!!!

will won the guessing contest for the amount of candies in the jar. so we got to keep the jar. we missed the family portrait, but at the end jennifer offered to take a picture herself. i thought it was really sweet, but she always is. i got to have an extra white pumpkin, cause i was talking about how i had gotten a recipe for a white pumpkin bread from the other pumpkin patch we went too, so at the end, she said for me to get it.

here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!!