today we let daddy watch football for the most part. it wasn’t about him watching football though, he was just too soar to move, lol.

so about 5pm, we finally left the house, we went to look around in stores, just to get out of the house. we went to ross, taarget, and food4less. how exiting huh? we did manage to buy one thing.
i had decided that anthony was going to wear papa’s old halloween costume that he wore for 2 years, it’s the cutest dumbo costume i have seen, lol; but after i saw anthony in this pic below, i changed my mind, lol.
it was soo cute, i had to show a picture.

how cute!
he loves the attention, lol
the side shot of the belly
that’s the cutest part, other than the boy, lol. it says “lil’ stinker” inside the heart.