Giving you a little info about a future post, my computer finally died and is unfortunately holding ALL of my pictures HOSTAGE!!!!
I never saved a single picture anywhere else, and now I am paying for it πŸ™

I wanted to show you all of the pictures that the girls, and their Daddy took of the night.  I did however manage to save a few to my photobucket account, because I was in the process of making a slide show, thank goodness for those moments when I had absolutely nothing to do, lol.
Well I am going to do my post, lol, and we will pretend that these are ALL of the pictures I have of the night, because I want my old computer to know that I am not sitting down waiting for her to let me off of the hook ( let me off the hook? yes, i told you I would tell you the story soon, lol)

So on February, my “little” girls were given a surprise by Mommy, one that I had secretly conned Daddy into  muahahahaa lol
see, in 11 years that Daddy has been in the Military, he has never taken Mommy to a Navy Ball, or had ANY pictures with the Family in his uniform, none of my begging has worked either, SO I decided that I was not going to let this pattern continue.

My Daughters are SUPER proud of their Daddy, the fact that he is in the Navy is so “cool” to them πŸ˜‰  Like their Mommy, they too have begged for pictures with Daddy in uniform and have lost the battles, lol.  
Let’s get one thing straight, this 5’3″ shy blogger lets a lot of things slide, but when I become determined about something, it happens πŸ˜‰

Thinking about the fact that we will be moving from California soon, I thought that it would be great for the girls to finally get to go to the Father/Daughter dance escorted by a “Sailor” (giggles)
I asked hubby if he could buy the tickets for the dance, but to keep it from the girls because I wanted to surprise them, after a lot of “mummbing” he agreed, I decided not to tellhim that it was MANDATORY Uniform attire for the evening πŸ˜‰  I know, I’m bad, lol.

He took one day off of work and we went and bought the girls their dresses, keep in mind it’s still a surprise to them.  A week before the dance, I asked hubby if he had his uniform ready
Daddy= “I’m not wearing a uniform are you crazy? I’ll find something to wear”
me= “umm, hun, it’s formal service member attire”
Daddy= “like a suit?”
me= “no, like “dress blues” (dress blues is the name for the Navy formal uniform)
daddy= “what!!!?? you didn’t tell me that, I would have said no”
me= “you bought the tickets, didn’t you read the writing on the bottom? it says “Navy= Dress Blues”
daddy= “man, if I read that I wouldn’t have said yes”
me= “oh, I thought you knew”

muahahahaaa I know, I’m a bad girl, lol.  I am ok with me going without the memory of my hubby in his uniform, but if it’s something that my daughters will treasure, I will make sure it happens, lol.

Daddy got his uniform ready, and the day of the dance I surprised the girls and told them they were going out with daddy, they would find out where too, once they got there.  When they saw their dresses and Daddy in his uniform, they were SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

When it was over, daddy and the girls stopped at the grocery store and bought different treats to go into home made sundaes, “Daddy’s idea of a perfect ending to a perfect night πŸ˜‰

Ta-Dahhhh, here are the pictures…………………

Here are the girls in our extremely “un-mowed lawn” lol, think of it as a “forest setting” πŸ˜‰

Here they are with Daddy

Party-pause for “cheese”

Dancing just like Daddy πŸ˜‰

Kiera with her “1 bring home item” she conned daddy lol

Lily always being Lily, lol


I hope you enjoyed being part of this memory πŸ˜‰
Disclaimer, none of daddy’s feelings were harmed in the plotting of this event, at the end of it, he admitted being happy he did this πŸ˜‰