Our 4th of July fun with an #theicecreamsocial, Digiorno, Nestle & friends ;)

This weekend was our last 4th of July weekend in California before our cross-country move, well at least for a long time anyways.  With that being said typed, we have made so many plans to make sure that this summer is the best ever!  We planned an awesome get together with friends for the fireworks shows, and an even better one for dessert.  We went to Walmart and bought Digiorno pizza’s, drinks, Nestle Drumsticks, Dreyer’s ice cream.  This weekend was definitely going to end with a bang!

They had 3 freezers full of Dreyer’s ice cream!!!

Our friends all met at our house for a quick lunch and a caravan to the San Diego Bay, we had a fun time; everyone had Digornio pizzas & lot’s of laughs.

As a pre-treat, I decided to give all of the kids some ice cream, because of course the kids needed some extra goodies to get excited 😉  

We had the best time ever!!! Friends, laughs, memories, Digiorno’s Pizza, Dreyer’s ice cream, and during the fireworks we even had Nestle’s Drumsticks with sprinkles!!! 😉

 yeah I know, the picture was a bit dark, but I don’t care, it’s in my brain forever 😉
“This shop/project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé, and all opinions and ideas are my own”

4 thoughts on “Our 4th of July fun with an #theicecreamsocial, Digiorno, Nestle & friends ;)”

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  2. We had such a great time hanging out with you guys! Eating Pizza and ice cream was just part of the bonus; the memories of our 4 th of july weekend together will be forever with us.

  3. Love that picture of the firework!:) Safe travels and good luck on your move, Lily! Hoping to meet you at Blogher if you’ve not moved yet!

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