Fight like a girl #LikeaGirl


This is a sponsored post for Always.

The point of the Always Live #LikeAGirl program is to show our girls what they can achieve in their world by helping them stay confident. Always and Walmart are encouraging girls to stay in sports and to persevere through failure—both of which are key confidence boosters. To make this possible, Always and Walmart are working to #EndPeriodPoverty.

Period poverty refers to the inability to afford period protection, which leads to girls missing out on activities and sports. With the arrival of puberty, a girl’s self-esteem can plummet. Extracurricular activities and outside clubs help boost healthy self-esteem. When there is something that helps a young girl feel better about herself it is important to support her. This means recognizing how many girls period poverty effects. When a young girl misses out on something that helps her feel better about herself it can have a big effect. No girl should have to feel something like this.


To help #EndPeriodPoverty, Always and Walmart will be donating a year’s worth of period products to 50 teams in 50 states, one team in each state. And you can help too!


During the month of January you can purchase a 3-pack box of Always pads and Always will donate to girls in need all across America. The donation will be activated if the product is purchased through



This campaign is very important to me for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I have personally seen how much something like a sports club can help build a young girl’s confidence. Both of my daughters have been heavily involved in sports and I love seeing how that has made them grow and be confident in themselves. My youngest daughter, Lily, has had the most growth.  As a kid she was very shy and not very confident and getting her period didn’t help. It made her feel embarrassed and insecure, and she was afraid that she would have an accident or be made fun of by immature teenagers. However, after she joined a sports team, she found it easier to make friends and believe in herself.



Second, I believe in this campaign because the chance to succeed should never be in jeopardy just because a girl cannot afford period protection.  In the U.S., 1 in 5 girls miss out on an activity they love because of period poverty. There were many times my Mom couldn’t afford to buy me pads and I would hide in the bathroom during the entire school day and then go home. I later learned how other friends used toilet paper as a pad and it helped to at least get me into class.  When my daughters were younger, there were many times when we barely had money for food so pads were out of the question. I prayed their period would stay away until the next payday and if it came before that, I taught them how to use the toilet paper pad. Sometimes letting them miss school was the only way to not have them feel humiliated.



Enough is enough. There is no reason why any of our girls should have to miss out on something that is so important to them. It’s easy to help, thanks to the Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign. Simply visit to purchase a 3-pack box of Always Pads and Always will donate a pack to girls in need. You can Stock Up and Give Back at the same time!