Our Family was lucky enough to be invited to a special advanced screening of Judy Moody and the NOT so bummer summer on June 4th.  Having two girls in our house, Judy Moody books have been read here, so we were excited to watch the movie. 
It was a great experience for all of us.  Since we first arrived we were all treated to doughnuts, and all the kids received some pretty cool Judy Moody swag!

My Daughter at a talent show
(My own Judy Moody)

The movie was just as I pictured, Judy was a character just like my 8 year old daughter, the moodiness 😉 the bright colored wardrobe, the outrageous ideas!  So it was a treat watching the movie as I pictured my daughter through it all. 

Being that we are moving this summer from our “home” in California to my husband’s “home” of New York, the kids had been complaining about it since they first got word.  Calling it “the worst summer ever”.  Having watched the movie together, and during the week of having broken the news to the kids, it was a big help!  The ideas the kids and I got for our last summer in California and the laughs were during a much needed time.

I am not going to give the movie away, but Judy makes a chart, where her and all of her friends race to get the most points from the awesome things she has planned; we took that idea and are working on our “NOT so bummer summer” charts for our trip.

So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I suggest you do, it’s not just for girls; a bigfoot hunt is perfect for the boys 😉  Have you ever made a summer chart?  Will you?  After we finish ours, which of course will be after we fully plan our drive across the Country; I will post pictures so you can see it 😉

Hope you have a NOT so bummer Summer!!!
My Family received passes to an advanced screening as well as Judy Moody swag, all opinions are my own.