Are you in Beautiful San Diego or close enough to spend a GREAT day in it?
Come out and join us for this FREE event!!!

brings together over 150 hands-on science activities and 12 stage performances for
kids 3 to 93.
 Here are just SOME of the fun things you can do…
– Build an underwater robot
– Finger-paint with algae
– Study microscopic worms
– Meet exotic reptiles, birds, bunnies, dogs and more
– Build a bug observation kit
– Take an x-ray image of your backpack
– Separate components of grape Kool Aid
– Experience a live 3D video broadcast
– Learn about the aerodynamics of paper airplanes
– Test-drive “Moon Shoes” and learn about space colonization
– Make a video of what YOU would tell to E.T.
– Discover how worms are used to compost
– Conquer Mad Science’s magnet bridge
– Find out how to protect our local bat population
– Play Galactic Games with Mar Vista Middle School
– Build a watershed and become a certified water monitor
– Discover how microbes are used to clean up water
– Take a look into the world of optics and electricity
– Explore the chemistry and science of what we eat and drink
– – Find out about the billion-dollar molecule- Learn about advancements in Battlefield Medicine
– Take a look into the world of optics and electricity with NAVAIR
 Not convinced yet???
Schedule of Performance
Get ready, there will be about 15 live stage performances at our Science Spectacular stage at PETCO Park on Expo Day, Saturday, March 27th, 2010.

Some hightlights include:

  • Bring science to life with a display of impressive reptiles in “Close Encounters of the Cold Blooded Kind.”
  • You CAN do the Rubik’s Cube speed tournament
  • Councilmember Sherri Lightner with a special announcement
  • The Science of Magic will be revealed as objects disappear before your eyes
  • Dry ice will be used to create bubbling potions to produce a large-scale theatrical effect
  • Sing along as you increase your science knowledge with the Galapagos Mountain Boys performing their scientific inspired folk songs about the Big Bang, star formation, cosmology, anthropology
  • and more!

Just reading the Facts makes me so Excited to be in this Beautiful City!!!